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August 26, 2021 9 min read

Oh yes, we do corporate orders. Here’s a list of popular items.

Here at Interstellar Goods, we find cool products that make life easier. Our products range from the everyday workhorse of bags to the little tech nuggets that improve productivity and quality of life. Sometimes we say to ourselves: “Hold up. I never knew I had this problem, but this solves things!”

So if you’re here from your HR department and are looking for something to bless your company with, you’re in the right place! We've categorised our best selling corporate order products into 3 below: Productivity Boosters and Office-Friendly Gadgets, Lifestyle Enhancers and Wellness, and Office Empowerment and Quality of Life.


Note: Corporate branding and customisation are available for most of these products! If you’d like to find out more, drop us an email at and we’ll be right in touch!


Productivity Boosters and Office-Friendly Gadgets

MOGICS Power Bagel V2

MOGICS Power Bagel

The MOGICS Power Bagel is a power strip that is designed to simultaneously power up to 7 devices (5 plug heads and 2 fast USBs) without power throttling. Whether it was because the designers were hungry or geniuses, the device’s bagel shape works supremely well to keep all plug heads out of each other’s face!

With a power limit of 1512W @240V and 756W @120V, never be power hungry again! It comes with a 90cm-long power cable that can be conveniently stowed away in the storage space hidden within the case - just roll it up! Perfect for the office desk when you have a corporate laptop, iPad and separate monitor to power. Oh did I mention you can charge your phone too? Or share your table with a colleague. Or connect a printer…the list of its uses goes on.

The MOGICS Power Bagel doubles as a very powerful travel adapter - it sports 4 universal sockets for literally any country that you’d be traveling to. Best of all, it’s so compact it fits in your shirt pocket! Find out more about it here.



Kablecard Features

A digital multi-tool like no other, the Kablecard puts pretty much everything you need to get through today’s digital world in one card-sized package.

The features:

  • 6-in-1 charging cable
  • SIM ejector pin
  • 2x nano-SIM safekeeping compartment
  • SD card reader
  • Wireless charger
  • Transform it into a smartphone stand with ambient backlighting

All of these, packed neatly into the size of 4 credit cards stacked together. Also if you didn’t know, the Kablecard was designed in Singapore! Use it on your table to prop your phone up at an angle, so you can easily read notifications without touching your phone. The Kablecard is a versatile little gadget that is made for both work and play. Find out more about it here.


Rocketbook Core

Rocketbook Flatlay Hero

An endlessly reusable smart notebook that marries easy-access organisation and technology with the classic tactile feel of physical writing. Created to bring technology into the mix of sustainable paper usage, the Rocketbook allows you to rapidly digitise your thoughts through the Rocketbook App, which can also recognise and auto-crop specially printed dot-grid pages.

Now with smart handwriting recognition, the Rocketbook can easily make out the words on the page! Simply mark out the appropriate symbol for the cloud service of your choice and scan away. The app will intelligently sort it all out for you. When you’re done with the page, put a few drops of water on it and wipe it clean with the provided microfiber cloth.Et voila. Good as new. Find out more about it here.


MOFT Laptop Stand

MOFT Laptop Stand

This award-winning laptop stand is paper-thin and invisible when not in use (okay, it’s right there under the laptop but it doesn’t jar the entire look of the laptop). The special reusable glue used as the adhesive allows the MOFT laptop stand to be removed and reused easily, up to 50 times - we guarantee you won’t need that many removals anyway! And don’t worry, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind either.

Light as a pen, slim as a coin. This nifty little tool is made from fiberglass and lined with PU leather. It has 2 height adjustments - 2 or 3 inches, which roughly equates to a 15 or 25-degree raise. If your company offers laptops for working remotely or on the go, the MOFT is hands-down the most useful companion to your mobile workstation! Find out more about it here.



The world’s first modular magnetic system that allows you to organise your desk essentials however you want it. Don’t have a dedicated work desk? Don’t have to worry! Storing all your office essentials in one place ensures that you’ll have everything you need whenever you need it.

The MagEasy Board props itself up nicely on your tabletop and keeps everything within an arm’s reach. When you don’t need it, it flattens out easily and fits in any drawer under the desk. The MagEasy Folio folds up like a book and safely stores your essentials within it, so you can slide it into your bag and take it anywhere. What’s more, you can use the magnetic modules by themselves without the board or folio - find out more about it here.


Lifestyle Enhancers and Wellness

Made by Fressko

Fressko Glass and Cup

Why, everybody needs a little pick-me-up every once in a while - by that we mean every morning before work. Furthermore, coffee is an integral part of every work desk setup these days. So, this award-winning brand will definitely make the list! 

Made by Fressko is an eco-friendly Australian brand that makes reusable coffee cups and gorgeous glass bottles. If you’ve been to our store or follow us on socials, you’d be no stranger to them. Made with food-grade stainless steel, BPA-free plastic and ultra-durable borosilicate glass, these vessels will add some colour and personality to every office worker.

Winner of the Eco Excellence Awards for Best Reusable Bottle in 2020 and 2021, these guys are leak-proof, beautiful and maintain your temperatures for hours! Perfect for that lunchtime coffee-grab or that quick commute to a meeting. Find out more about them here.



memobottle A6 and A5

memobottle™ is an Australian brand with a mission to minimise single-use plastic waste. A certified B Corporation in partnership with, they provide 5 months of clean water to one person in need for every memobottle purchased. And with the support of everyone who has been a part of this mission - that’s everyone who has bought a memobottle, including customers from our store! - they’ve successfully diverted upwards of 100 million single-use plastic bottles and provided over 11 million days of clean water to the underprivileged!

Crafted to the highest standards, this original flat water bottle is not only slim and portable, but clearly (pun-intended) reminds us of the importance, and beauty - of clean water. It is so beautiful that it was given out to Oscar nominees in 2016! Comes in 3 paper sizes A5 - A7 and a SLIM size. Find out more about it here.




Most known for the DET30 face masks commissioned by Temasek Foundation in early 2020, DETERMINANT is a brand that pursues excellence in value-for-money quality and supreme comfort. And they may not look like it, but they don’t compromise sustainability and workforce wellness in this pursuit.

If the DET30 face mask is something you (or people in your company) love, then you’re in for a treat! The reusable face masks are premium-made and highly breathable, and come in several “corporate-friendly” colours. They’re not loud but instead deep and regal. You don’t have to worry about fit too, since the ear loops are adjustable.

That’s not all there is! Their apparel range, which consists of their super-soft, all-occasion, anti-bacterial shirts, polos and t-shirts are constructed with fabrics from the same manufacturers as known brands like Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger. But if it’s wellness that you’re after for your fellow comrades in the company, their wellness collection doesn’t fall short too. Find out more about them here.


ROAV Eyewear

ROAV foldable Sunglasses

These are the world’s thinnest foldable sunglasses. How, you ask? Because they are screwless. The patented micro-hinge construction enables ROAV’s folding sunglasses to be pocketable, durable, lightweight, protective and stylish.

These here are the real slim shadies. Available in multiple frame designs and lens colours, the permutations are nearly limitless. This is a brand for every face, every mood, and every occasion. They’re designed by industry veterans of 30 years in L.A., all their lenses are both UV-A and UV-B polarised and each pair folds as thin as your iPhone. I mean, if you’re going to stuff your pockets, you might as well be sleek about it, right? Find out more about them here.



SuperStraps on bag

Working on the go? Offices with half-in half-out policies could make good use of the SuperStraps. Compatible with any backpack with straps under 2.5” (6.35cm) width, the SuperStraps makes any backpack ergonomic in seconds! That means no more back aches and nasty neck strains with a heavy load on your back! You’ve already got enough on your shoulders.

Created by the good folks at BetterBack, this product remains hidden under your bag straps, against your body. It takes 20 seconds to attach the device to your bag strap, and only a second to activate it! But you instantly feel every difference - up to 20% of the burden lifted, and immediate posture correction for an upright disposition. Tested on the streets to the pleasant surprise of everyone who had tried it, the SuperStraps can help make commuting a breeze, whether you’re going to the office or gym. Find out more about it here.



Betterback on sofa

Perfect your posture effortlessly with one of the winners of Season 7 of Shark Tank. The BetterBack is a next generation back support that allows you to sit in perfect posture, whether you’re on a stool, the sofa, or even cross-legged on the floor! Working for long hours? You shouldn’t! But if you really have to, the BetterBack is here for you.

Ease your back pains by attacking the root of the cause - bad sitting posture arising from lower back slouching. Just use it 15 minutes a day to correct your sitting posture and re-train your body’s default posture. While the SuperStraps makes any backpack ergonomic, the BetterBack makes any chair ergonomic! Find out more about it here.


Necksaviour Mini

Necksaviour Hero

This may look like a simple traction device developed by a practicing physiotherapist, but it has won 3 awards, including the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Awards. It is precisely engineered to be your daily reliever of neck pains and tension headaches. 

The Necksaviour Mini can be used forever. Simply bend it, relax on it and feel the stretch. Use it for up to 15 minutes at a time everyday and you can kiss all the pent up stress in your neck goodbye! After use, the Necksaviour Mini will revert back to its original shape naturally, and you can use it again and again after that! Find out more about it here.


Office Empowerment and Quality of Life


DrinkMate Soda Maker on Countertop

The biggest shake-up in home carbonation has arrived! This tabletop sparkling water and soda maker allows you to carbonate EVERYTHING - even that can of flat beer that you left open in the office refrigerator. Unfinished work is a big no-no, but unfinished beer is perfectly alright! In a no-beer establishment? This fizzes your juices and teas perfectly too!

Don’t worry about the power bills with this in the pantry. The DrinkMate Soda Maker doesn’t require electricity or batteries! Extremely easy to operate - with the press of a button - and easy to clean, you don’t even have to worry about having trouble maintaining it. In short, a small footprint with no cable clutter maximises your countertop space conveniently. Find out more about it here.



DROP and DOCK Wireless Charging System

The DROP and DOCK is a wireless charging system comprising 2 parts: a wireless charger and a dock for it. Wait what? A dock for a portable charger? What if you could DOCK your portable charger, DROP your phone on it to charge, and when you need to, just pick both up and do your things on the go? No extra charging cables or extensions.

A couple of these in the office could empower better connectedness, both among colleagues and with clients over the air. Leaving for lunch but need to take a quick call on low battery? Take the DROP with you.

As seen in GQ and The Wire, the DROP and DOCK is invented by long-time manufacturers from Tesla, Samsung and LG, and is sure to improve your quality of life. Find out more about it here.


The Photography Deck

The Photography Deck Flat Lay

This is - but is not exclusively - for the creative companies out there. If your office needs a little fun and avenue to let loose (just a little), the Photography Deck makes for a good stress reliever and creative stimulant.

Doubling up as a camera cheat sheet, with tips for all levels that work with even your phone’s camera, you’ll find that a deck alone provides you with hours of fun. Challenge yourself to think outside of the box while recalling the basics of photography, or just play bridge with 3 friends.

We think this deck will make a great gift to let your department know that a little bit of fun and relaxation goes a long way. After all, a happy workforce is one to reckon with. ;) Find out more about it here.

(Note: Unfortunately, the nature and design of this product doesn't allow us to make any customisations on it. However, if you have any ideas, do shoot them over to us via email and we'll see if it could work!)


Corporate Branding and Customisations AVAILABLE (mostly)

Here are some examples of customisations we’ve done in the past:

MbF Glass Flask Custom with Kindred Teas

Made by Fressko Glass Flask


DET30 custom print

DET30 Face Mask


memobottle custom with Dropbox


Interested in enquiring about a corporate order or have a question we haven’t answered? Kindly send an email and we’ll be in touch!

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