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DROP and DOCK Wireless Charging System by +sum

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Interstellar Goods is an authorised retailer and official Singapore partner of +sum. All our products are guaranteed genuine

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– Authorised Retailer –

Interstellar Goods is an authorised retailer and official Singapore partner of +sum. All our products are guaranteed genuine

Power Your Phone, Empower Yourself

The DROP and the DOCK were designed for just that. A portable wireless charger and a beautiful docking system to make recharging all of your devices as easy as possible. Say hello to a truly wireless method of charging your phone and other wireless devices.

Sleek and Minimal. Premium and Functional

The body of both the DROP and DOCK is made of precisely machined-anodized aluminum. A proprietary blend of silicone-rubber to finish off the product helps it stay in place, while also keeping your devices securely gripped when tilted.


The DROP is a slim portable wireless charger that easily slips into the narrowest of bags. It doesn't get in your way and is all you need to charge your device wirelessly - as long as they're wireless charging compatible!


The DOCK is exactly that. A dock! Keep it at home or in the office, drop the DROP on it to refill it's battery while still being able to wirelessly charge your device on it. When you're out with the DROP, your DOCK can still charge up to 2 other devices through the 2 high speed USB-A ports on it!

That's right. When the DROP is DOCKed, it can charge up to 3 external devices simultaneously, with 2 high speed USB-A ports on the DOCK, and 1 wirelessly charged on the DROP.

Charge Your Phone, Recharge Your Senses

But Do Away With All The Cumbersome Cables and Just Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

DROP and DOCK simple and wireless

Keep Only the Necessities

Clean and sleek with no unnecessary buttons, logo or features

Cut out the tangly cables. Keep it simple

One simple, timeless design. We guarantee it'll last longer than your battery.

Oh, Halo there.

How do you know if your DROP is charging your device as intended? The little angel will notify you subtly with it's soft breathing halo!

No unnecessary sounds and hard flashing lights. The halo is soft, subtle, and non-distracting.

Click and move it in the air to draw on screen. Works on virtual meetings (e.g. Zoom)!

 minimal DROP charging airpods pro

Beautiful and Strong, Just Like You

A body made completely out of anodized aluminium keeps the DROP and DOCK cool to the touch. No plastics = more durability, less waste!

Proprietary silicone-rubber top surface ensures maximum contact surface between your device and the DROP, enhancing the non-slip grip on your device when tilting and holding them together. It's also on the bottom to keep the accessories in place on whatever surface they're placed on.

No bump, brush, or phone vibration will move it from it's charging position. The heavier the device, the stronger the grip!

Charge Your Phone,
Recharge Your Senses

Set your phone down, watch the calming light from the DROP, and recharge your senses.

Breathe, take in your surroundings, talk with your friends and just experience the world beyond your screen. 

Redefine the way you live your life. DROP, charge, breathe.

DROP, charge, breathe


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