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October 21, 2021 10 min read

Yes, $60 can net you really amazing products too!

It’s been a while since we wrote something out here on The Interstellar Press. It’s good to be back! Tis’ the season.. for a lot of things actually. It's also that time of the year where companies start looking for corporate gifts to show appreciation to their employees, C Suite bosses and VIPs like clients! Here’s a shortlist of products under $60 that you can consider getting as a corporate gift - useful and thoughtful in the mindspace of an office, but not limited by it.

We approach the corporate gifting world with 2 thoughts in mind - wellness/wellbeing and productivity. Whether you’re working from home, in the office, at the cafe; whether you’re a suit, creative or the Chairman (hello to you, sir/ma’am!), there’s something here for everyone!


ZENLET Baseplate Set

ZENLET Co. - Baseplate Set & Clip Set From The Rack Series (Pre-Order)

The ZENLET Co. products are a few of those who have joined our new pre-order model. In this recommendation, we’ve picked out the Baseplate Set and Clip Set from their Rack M Series. While the Rack M bundle is awesome, it’s components work spectacularly by themselves.

Baseplate Set with Pin

The Baseplate organises your desk-top cables, keeping them neat and available whenever you need them. No more rowdy charging cables or mouse wires snaking around on the surface! The included Pin works great as a hook of sorts, to hang your empty briefcase or small bag. The Baseplate attaches to your surface via a reusable nano-suction layer, and its magnetic attachments boast strong holding power through Neodymium magnets. It can be attached either vertically on the side/back of your desk, or horizontally on the top!


ZENLET Clip Set with Pin


The Clip Set is perfect for a small off-the-top document folder. It hangs off the side edge of any horizontal surface (desk/shelf/chest of drawers etc.) and is large enough to slot your letters and other important documents in for easy access! The Pin is included here too. Work from home, you say? The Clip Set fits brilliantly at home too! Slot in your letters and hang your keys or an umbrella, ready for you to swipe off on the way out.

Clean Clip Set

Please note that these items are on a running pre-order. Please see our running pre-orders landing page HERE to find out more about how this model works, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rasmus at to get a quote and proposed timeline!


DET30 Masks

DETERMINANT - DET30 Reusable Cotton Face Masks & Mask Envelopes

This is our most popular product and the undisputed best seller for corporate gifts. With customisations available, and multiple deep, regal “officey” colours, the DET30 will likely be one of the easiest green lights you get from your HR department. And if you’re a company that likes brighter tones better, we’ve recently launched 2 new colours from DETERMINANT’s Mood Series - Crimson and Indigo.


Mood Series DET30

All masks come in packs of 2, have great breathability and comfort, and also protect you from dirty air (>80% BFE on DET30; >95% BFE on DET30 Plus).

The low price of the DET30 masks gives you the option of also completing the set by getting the DET30 Mask Envelopes. We think that’ll be a thoughtful addition for anyone with a face mask, not just the DET30 specifically. These envelopes are coated with antibacterial elements, are made from 100% cotton, and are machine-washable! The best part in our opinion? You can just fold it down and slot it in your pocket when you don’t need it; not much space required - they’re much softer too, unlike the plastic mask holders.


Rocketbook Core open

Rocketbook Core

The Rocketbook series have been quite popular as well, especially for companies that have regular brainstorming sessions and pitches to prepare for. For corporate gifts under $60, the Rocketbook Core would be the perfect entry into the world of smart paper-to-digital notebooks.

Endlessly reusable, the Core notebook is created for use with any Pilot FriXion pen (1 included in every package) and erases with a swipe of a damp microfiber cloth (dry cloth included as well). If you’re not familiar with the Rocketbook, you must be wondering: “why would I want to erase anything I’ve written there?”

Well, that’s because with Rocketbook and it’s own dedicated app, you can scan your pages and save them digitally to a cloud service of your choice! Most popular cloud services are available, including iMessage if you’re an Apple user, and directly to your email address as an attachment.

After a brief one-time set up, it only takes a few seconds to snap and store your notes and sketches online. Now you can erase the page. This very function also makes the Rocketbook a sustainable product - saving the earth with reusable implements means less paper used and wasted and less trees destroyed.


MbF Banner

Made by Fressko Sustainable & Reusable Coffee Cups

Our favourite cups are also a popular option - at their price point, they look and feel like a great premium corporate gift! Fressko’s cups are manufactured with care and precision for detail and texture. Each cup has an all-rounded premium workmanship, with thoughtful yet minimal accents and features to keep it simple yet beautifully functional. We have to give a special mention to the precision and quality of the vacuum seal on the cup - it doesn’t even feel like it’s double-walled. But it is!

Some features we (and many others) have raved on about the Made by Fressko cups:

  1. It’s leakproof. Tried and tested - CLICK HERE TO SEE
  2. Keeps hot and cold up to 3 hours when sealed well - cold for longer with ice
  3. Internal volume indications for your barista
  4. Fits literally any regular cup holder securely
  5. Powder-coated exterior gives a perfect grip, and adds texture and style to a timeless cup shape
  6. It’s extremely easy to clean! We’ve done a post on it HERE that goes through the steps
  7. Absolutely beautiful cup sleeves that help free your hands for other tasks! See them HERE

Customisation options are stunning on these cups too, just because of the quality of the stainless steel under the powder coating. It makes the engraving look reeeaally classy, perfect for the VIPs who might like an upgraded personality to their cups.


memobottle A5 lifestyle


This bottle was worthy enough to be given out to the 2016 Oscar Nominees. We’d say “enough said” right here, but there’s just too much to be said about the memobottle.

It’s a beautiful product in more than one way - first in its story, second in its look, and finally in its journey. Long story short, memobottle™ was founded by 2 friends who recognised the need to do something about the abhorrent amounts of single-use plastic waste humanity puts out on the daily. And they did something.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2014, the brand has been working with to provide 5 months (previously 2 months) of clean water to 1 underprivileged person, per bottle sold. More on the memobottle™ story HERE.

Looks. Memobottles foreground the grace and purity of water with a minimal, timeless design. A crystal clear, BPA/BPS-free flat plastic bottle that hides nothing about the water within helps us appreciate all the wonderful qualities of water when we look at it. Over the years, the folks at memobottle™ have added customisation options for their bottle, bringing the product to life. You can have a look at some of them HERE. (Also, new sleeves? YES!!!)

To date, memobottle™ has not only provided over 11 million days of clean water to people in need, they’ve also diverted more than 100 million single-use plastic bottles from landfills. That’s a lot of zeros! This is why we think the bottle will make a splendid premium corporate gift - for the price you pay, you’ll be doing so much more for the world at large!


DET super soft t-shirts

DETERMINANT Super Soft T-shirts

If you’re looking for a piece of apparel that is comfortable, yet of high-quality, you’ll look no further than this. DETERMINANT’s t-shirts are not called “super soft” for show, but feel the material and they’ll show you, all right.

Colour-fast and moisture-wicking, these tops keep you fresh even after hours outside under the sweltering sun. They also have water-resistant coating on the outer, while being absorbent and breathable from the inside. Magic? Maybe. But it's true. They’re just what we need in Sunny Singapore.

Being apparel, customisations are extremely easy to do as well! And even if you don’t customise them with your company logo or anything else, members of your staff all the way up to the C-suite will appreciate the comfort and quality of DETERMINANT’s Super Soft T-shirts. But think about it: if you put your logo on the t-shirt and your staff members love wearing them for comfort, won’t that be a great way to “keep them in the company”? xD


Honourable Mentions - Great Corporate Gift Ideas >$60

We’re throwing in some recommendations for gifts above $60 here as well! Some of these items really are too good to not mention, in case you were looking for something for a VIP, like the C suite or some really important clients. We’ll keep it short with links, so you can quickly jump over to find out more.

Pacum black and white


With Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) to more countries opening up on the horizon, business trips could start picking up pace. The Pacum is a compact travel vacuum that is compatible with many valve-type vacuum bags in the market. We’ve tried it with bags from Winter Time and even Daiso and it works superbly with them!

The product comes with minimally 1 Pacum-branded bag, with the option to get 5 bags with the device - ample for any travelling businessperson. And you know what? It doesn’t only deflate. It can inflate as well! Super portable, it fits in your pocket and can be powered external by a power bank. A true workhorse when it comes to packing, CLICK HERE to find out more!


AirWeave Hero

AirWeave by AusAir (Pre-Order)

AusAir has just launched this new face mask range. With certified 99% BFE/VFE and PM0.1 particle filtration, it promises to be THE most breathable high-protection filter media on the market. Made sustainably from Merino Wool, the mask skins fit perfectly on any face with its 3D-like shape and exceptional mask fitting technology.

A combination of a wide-span nose wire and memory nose-foam ensures a tight seal all around, minimising leakages. As a result, the mask is effectively anti-fog, so no more annoyances with foggy glasses! The weaving also works great to ensure high breathability. AirWeave uses a new antibacterial Copper technology for its replaceable filters - infused with Merino Wool for supreme comfort on your face.

AirWeave mask set

Now available on pre-order, check them out HERE. Lots more information on the masks and certifications on the product page.


MagEasy Board


The MagEasy sits just outside the $60 price ceiling, but its usefulness in and out of the office is bar none one of the best we’ve seen in a product by a long stretch. There’s nothing more suited to half-in half-out, work from home (wfh) office culture than the MagEasy!

It’s a modular, magnetic desk organisation solution that not only keeps all your office-work essentials in one place, but also has the capability to bring them around with you. The MagEasy Board props itself up at an angle when you need it on your desk. Keep your paperclips, pens, memos and even your Airpods and mobile phone within reach when you’re working. When you’re not, it collapses flat and slots discreetly into any desk drawer, with all your items still on it. The Folio is made for the go-getter and mobile office-goer. It’s basically the Board, but foldable like a book so you can take your office with you, anywhere you’d like to work at! It slides neatly into handbags large enough to stash a 13” laptop into.


One other thing: the individual magnetic components of the MagEasy can also be used individually for many purposes. Need to clip a memo to the fridge? Done. Find out more about it HERE.



This one could be seen more for office welfare or a lucky draw prize, but it’s a worthy mention for any special high-ranking personnel in the company. Drinkmate’s Soda maker is a godsend for the office pantry, and we think it makes for one of the most practical gifts to get for members of the working class.

Yes, we’ve all heard of SodaStream, but while that might be slightly cheaper and great, it only sparkles water and the syrup mixes from the brand itself. The Drinkmate sparkles anything. Someone left the 1.5L bottle of Coca Cola loosely closed? Pop it in and revitalise it, then scold that potato! Popped a cold can of beer but left it in the fridge for a couple days? Bring it back to life! Feeling a little bubbly but only got flat Cab Sauv? You know what to do. ;)

Find out more about it HERE.


Stilform fountain pen

Stilform Premium Artisan Pens (Pre-Order)

Okay, this is by far the most expensive item on the menu. But it’s really the all-encompassing product when it comes to “premium” gifts. So much so that in the drafts, I’d written the word twice in the subheader before changing it.

You might’ve seen Stilform on social media or Kickstarter some time back. They are premium penmakers who have taken the craft to a whole new level. Constructed to exude a grand yet simple design and flair, Stilform’s pens truly elevate the writing experience with the first-ever magnetic closure mechanism and all-metal, no plastic no glue precision build quality.

Their fountain pen range is customisable with different coloured nibs and nib sizes, and will surely augment any corporate worker’s image. C suite appreciation day? This would be a great one to really appreciate them. They’ll appreciate the thought as well - I’ve heard somewhere that a few things enhance the businessman, and the pen is one of them.

Check out the entire range of Stilform products on pre-order HERE.


Drop and Dock by +Sum

In the era of digitisation, wireless instruments have progressively taken over. With electronically-centered developments also come the need for more wiring for the devices, and more clutter. +Sum’s DROP and Dock was engineered by long-time manufacturers for companies like Tesla and Samsung to provide a fuss-free, truly wireless charging experience, whether at home or on the go.

So whether you’re working from home or have to leave for a couple of meetings, just pick up the DROP and go about your day. Some key features we like about it:

  1. Large anti-slip surface with proprietary silicone-rubber blend
  2. Overheat protection
  3. Foreign body detection
  4. When in use or charging, it exudes a calm breathing halo that reflects off the surface
  5. It is just so simply beautiful

I think we can all agree that sometimes, the most premium of items are the most minimal and look the cleanest. Just by looking at the above 2 items, we’ve come to understand that the devil is in the details. Great function and craftsmanship often begins with taking apart an idea and reconstructing every step with the best possible outcome. And that’s what makes things truly premium.


If you’re interested in any of these products for a corporate order, get in touch with good young Rasmus at and he’ll have all your answers (especially for pre-order only products!)

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