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October 21, 2021 8 min read

You know what they say. (Work from) Home isn’t going anywhere.

It almost seems like a distant dream. Team dynamics and working styles have been reshaped drastically in the zeitgeist of the COVID-19 pandemic. And it doesn’t look like we’re going to be able to fully go back to the old days of wholesome - and sometimes dramatic - office life any time soon. In light of these, how do you show appreciation for the people who have gone through everything with you remotely the last 2 years? Here are some great gifts for your work from home staff members to keep each other going.

Made by Fressko Cup Hero

Made by Fressko Reusable Coffee Cups

Our favourite coffee cups. At their price point, they look and feel like a great premium corporate gift. Fressko’s cups are manufactured with care and precision for detail and texture. Each cup has an all-rounded premium workmanship, with thoughtful yet minimal accents and features to keep it simple yet beautifully functional.

Why do we think it’s a great WFH gift? Because we know that working from home isn’t always at home. And for those that have to constantly go out for meetings, or have to work outside because home isn’t the best place, you need something to keep you going, whether it’s a hot or cold drink you want after your back-to-back hour-long meetings.

Some features we (and many others) have raved on about Made by Fressko cups:

  1. It’s leakproof. Tried and tested - CLICK HERE TO SEE
  2. Keeps hot and cold up to 3 hours when sealed well - cold for longer with ice
  3. Internal volume indications for your barista
  4. Fits literally any regular cup holder securely
  5. Powder-coated exterior gives a perfect grip, and adds texture and style to a timeless cup shape
  6. It’s extremely easy to clean! We’ve done a post on it HERE that goes through the steps
  7. Absolutely beautiful cup sleeves that help free your hands for other tasks! See them HERE

Customisation options are stunning on these cups too, just because of the quality of the stainless steel under the powder coating. It makes the engraving look reeeaally classy, perfect for the VIPs who might like an upgraded personality to their cups.


Rocketbook Flip Scanning

Rocketbook Range

The Rocketbook series have been quite popular as well, especially for companies that have regular brainstorming sessions and pitches to prepare for. Save time and money getting multiple notebooks over time, enter the Rocketbook’s intuitive and convenient paper-to-digital system.

Endlessly reusable, the Rocketbook is created for use with any Pilot FriXion pen (1 included in every package) and erases with a swipe of a damp microfiber cloth (dry cloth included as well). We carry 4 different types of Rocketbooks. The Core is perfect for an introduction into the world of smart notebooks, complete with dot-lined pages. The Fusion adds a little planner-like flair to the start of the book, effectively combining a light planner with a notebook. Reminiscent of Blue’s Clues, the Flip is favoured by creatives and lefties for it’s top-bound pages and unbound creative capabilities. Lastly, the Panda Planner is a collaborative effort between Rocketbook and Panda Planner to create an endlessly reusable planner. Maybe also to be the first Panda astronaut.

Rocketbook and it’s own dedicated app lets you scan your pages and save them digitally to a cloud service of your choice! Most popular cloud services are available, including iMessage if you’re an Apple user, and directly to your email address as an attachment. After a brief one-time set up, it only takes a few seconds to snap and store your notes and sketches online.

This very function also makes the Rocketbook a sustainable product - saving the earth with reusable implements means less paper used and wasted and less trees destroyed.


MOGICS square

MOGICS Power Bagel

Never be power-hungry again with this compact power strip that’s capable of powering up to 7 devices simultaneously, with no power loss. With 4 universal sockets, 2 fast USB-A ports and 1 US socket, all you need is one palm-sized Power Bagel to power everything on your work desk at home. Right now as I’m typing, I count 5 essential items on my table, including a desk lamp and my MagSafe charger. The Bagel has more than enough for a second screen if you need!

The Bagel has a 92cm long power cable that can be retracted within its outer shell and a power limit of 1512W @ 240V, 756W @ 120V. Too many numbers? Just know that it doesn’t throttle the power distributed to your devices - there’s enough to go around. Literally. Click HERE to see more.



The MagEasy’s usefulness in and out of the office is bar none one of the best we’ve seen in a product by a long stretch. There’s nothing more suited to half-in half-out, work from home (wfh) office culture than the MagEasy. Here’s why:

It’s a modular, magnetic desk organisation solution that not only keeps all your office-work essentials in one place, but also has the capability to bring them around with you. The MagEasy Board props itself up at an angle when you need it on your desk. Keep your paperclips, pens, memos and even your Airpods and mobile phone within reach when you’re working. When you’re not, it collapses flat and slots discreetly into any desk drawer, with all your items still on it. The Folio is made for the go-getter and mobile office-goer. It’s basically the Board, but foldable like a book so you can take your office with you, anywhere you’d like to work at! It slides neatly into handbags large enough to stash a 13” laptop into.

One other thing: the individual magnetic components of the MagEasy can also be used individually for many purposes. Need to clip a memo to the fridge? Done. Find out more about it HERE.


MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand

As thin as a placemat underneath your laptop, the MOFT laptop stand is made from strong fiberglass and is only 0.3cm thick when not in use. When activated, it raises your laptop to 2 adjustable heights at an angle of 15 or 25 degrees.

Attach and reattach it with MOFT’s signature adhesive that leaves zero residue when removed. A simple solution to better ergonomics when working on the laptop, whether at home, a cafe or in the office as a second screen. Please note that this version of the MOFT laptop stand is not compatible with all types of laptops - it works best on laptops with no bottom vents. Check out the product page HERE for more information.



Here at Interstellar Goods, we believe that optimal productivity begins with optimal rest. But we’re not in a perfect world and there will be days where we just need a little shut-eye in the middle of the day. The Hoodie Pillow was made with travelling in mind, but it works great when you just need a 15-minute power nap in the middle of the day, and the entire room is filled with light.


Fabrics are treated the same as all other DETERMINANT cloths, with water-resistance and antibacterial coating. The pillow covering can also easily be removed and thrown in the washer when it’s time to give it a clean! A great WFH gift that can also be brought back to the office or for work trips when needed, find out more about the Hoodie Pillow HERE.



The BetterBack was created to help retrain and improve the body’s sitting posture. With just 10 minutes a day, using the device as indicated subconsciously teaches the body to sit with an optimal pelvic and back alignment as a default. It works on all kinds of chairs that you might sit on for work - a backless round stool at a cafe, your sofa, a hardwood dining chair, even cross-legged on the floor. Heck, you could even take a dump with perfect posture if you so wished.

Offices often have decent chairs with some form of lumbar support, adjustable seat height and armrests, and breathable cushioned seats and backrests for long hours. But at home, not everybody has a proper work set-up. I spent the first half of 2021 working on my fully wooden dining table - and we all know how comfortable hard wood chairs can be, especially after sitting on it for at least 8 hours a day. The BetterBacks we carry come with the premium upgraded NASA memory foam on the kneepads, so you can sit for as long as you want without feeling the pressure and strain against your knees.

We think the BetterBack is a brilliant thoughtful corporate gift, even for your CEO and VIPs - they may have better chairs but posture matters depend on the individual’s awareness of how they’re sitting. What better time to pay attention to it than in the period of our lives where it’ll (literally) make or break our future spine health? Find out more about BetterBack HERE.


Necksaviour Mini

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that we’re firm believers that spine care isn’t limited to our backs. If we’re to be really technical about it - which we’re not but it's good knowledge anyway - good spine management starts as low down as the soles of your feet, up to your neck. Most important for the office workers and desk dwellers are, of course, from the pelvic region to the neck. That’s where the Necksaviour Mini comes in handy.

Created by a practicing physiotherapist in the UK, the Necksaviour Mini functions essentially as a super portable AND SAFE neck traction device. It comes pre-loaded with an eternity of uses and 2 strength settings. All you have to do is to bend it, relax on it, and feel the relief.  After a long day in front of multiple screens, turning and bending our necks all over the socket, this aptly named device stretches the neck out and relieves all the built up tension in the neck muscles.

No more text neck, no more stiff and heavy-headedness. Find out more about the Necksaviour Mini HERE. If your company is interested in the spine health of its employees, we have a running Spinecare Bundle when you get this with the BetterBack. Find out more about it on the product page above!

More about text necks HERE.



Last on this list of great work from home corporate gifts is this little nifty card-sized multitool. A great travel companion for the office-goer and travel buff, the Kablecard is an essential in today’s digital world. It’s feature-rich, so let’s just list them out, shall we:

  1. 6-in-1 charging cable supporting Type-C, Type-A, Micro-USB and Lightning
  2. A SIM ejector pin
  3. 2x nano-SIM safekeeping compartments
  4. An in-built SD card reader
  5. A wireless charger
  6. Transformable into a smartphone stand with ambient lighting
  7. Compatible with both Windows OS and iOS

All of that built into a 7mm thick credit card form factor. If you’ll be taking a lot of meetings with your phone and could use an all-in-one stand cum wireless charger and all that good stuff, this is it! Techies will definitely love it.

Many of these recommended products are still very useful when working in the office, so you know they won’t go to waste when we finally get to go back to the company building as a default. But until then, watching The Office is probably the closest thing we can get to a lively office atmosphere.

If you’re interested in any of these products for a corporate order, get in touch with good young Rasmus at and he’ll have all your answers.

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