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October 21, 2021 10 min read

The season is upon us, so here are some gifts that can help you show how much you appreciate your loved ones.

Let us preface with the disclaimer that some of the items recommended here are part of our new running pre-order model. To find out more about how it works, click HERE for more details. Each recommended product will have a link to the page, or the collection of items where applicable.

Pre-Order Only Items First.


Looking to take better photos and videos? This portable face light is a big softy. Created by an Australian film professional with over 10 years of experience shooting TV commercials who worked together with award-winning designers, the BIGSOFTI ONE is a versatile soft light box that adapts to your phone, camera’s cold-shoe mount, tripod or even your monitor. With 3 colour temperatures and 5 preset brightness levels with a stepless adjustment, this soft light gadget effectively replicates the lighting you can get from a larger lighting set. We’ll let these pictures speak the words:

Click HERE for more information on the BIGSOFTI ONE.


LIPSKIT 2.0 by Go Play Cosmetics (Pre-Order)

We’re extremely excited to launch our first product made specially for the ladies! Over the past year, we’ve had products that are genderless and more aimed at men, but none distinctively made with the Woman in mind. We’re proud to say that we’re not forgetting all you ladies!

A design breakthrough with love from makeup lovers to makeup lovers. With the hyper-personalised LIPSKIT 2.0, you can create any lipstick colour, anywhere, instantly, just by pumping and mixing liquid lipstick from the 3 primary colours and white/black for tonal adjustments! Just like that, over a 100 lip colours immediately become available to you. With its smart personalisation app, LIPSKIT finds the ideal colour for your skin tone and undertone. Say goodbye to lipstick confusion and wondering what works for you. Wanna try something new? They have a recipe chart for you to follow to create many different colours. And if you’re up for an adventure, concoct your own in small amounts to try!

Click HERE for more information on the LIPSKIT 2.0.


Zenlet 2 Series by ZENLET Co. (Pre-Order)

In a previous article, we mentioned the ZENLET Co. Rack M Series. That would make a great gift for that friend who really needs to declutter his/her work desk. The Zenlet 2 Series is updated from the original ZENLET: The Wallet. It’s hands down the most elegant protective quick-access wallet we’ve seen so far. If you’re someone who has a lot of cards in your wallet, whether you’re Mr. Membership or Ms CashBack, you might be interested in the Zenlet 2 wallets. With a simple one-handed slide to open mechanism, you can gain access to all of your cards at a glance. The wallet spreads your cards out vertically, and if you tilt the cover a little, they’ll tip up just enough for you to pull whatever you need out.

The Zenlet 2 has a better RFID-free compartment. By replacing the RFID-blocking card (from ZENLET: The Wallet) with an RFID Tray, it secures the card you want accessible (like your keycards or EZ-Link card) to the top cover and essentially frees a card slot in the main compartment. Need more space? The Zenlet 2 Plus would be just right for you. Slide out the bottom compartment horizontally and you can store more cards, coins, and even money! 

Click HERE for more information on Zenlet 2.


Book NOTA. by ANTOU Design (Pre-Order)

A premium gift for any notebook lover and user. If you have a loved one who never leaves home without a notebook to sketch or draft ideas, the book NOTA. by ANTOU Design is one great and thoughtful present for them.

The NOTA. ecosystem deconstructs the design of a simple notebook and turns it into a modular, refillable and highly versatile idea conduit. The notion is simple - soft leather notebook covers with a strong magnetic spine (made from Neodymium magnets). The pages are attached to magnetic book binders that can be easily refilled with any paper of your choice (of A6 size), which are then stuck to the spine. ANTOU has even created simple punching tools for you to adapt your choice paper into NOTA. style pages, and they’ve availed page templates online for free, for everyone’s perusal. That’s not all! With the magnetic attachment system, you can also attach add-ons to the NOTA. such as a pencil case, card holder and tools pouch!

Click HERE for more information on the book NOTA. range.


Skadu Electric Scrubber (Pre-Order)

Skadu is a waterproof, submerge-proof handheld electric scrubber that can be used for almost all your household cleaning chores. It was the first product to spearhead our new pre-order model, but actually, it’s not just a spearhead. Using a Skadu for these chores keeps your hands clean from washing chemicals that may dry them up, and it provides more surface pressure than your hands on a sponge, with your back in it! That translates to more efficient and enjoyable scrubbing experiences (no more nightmares!)

With 2 different types of attachment heads and 7 different attachments for cleaning and scrubbing, here’re some of the common household cleaning jobs you can do with it:

  1. Effortlessly & effectively clean and scrub your dishes after a meal
  2. Efficient sponging of bottle internals with the bottle brush
  3. Remove stubborn grease stains from the kitchen stove and overhead ventilator
  4. Scrub those pots and pans!
  5. Clean & shine your glass panels and tiles
  6. Easily get between the tiles to remove grout
  7. Get yucky soap scum off the corners of your bathrooms without getting your hands grimey!

Note: You may use the Skadu in the shower, but not on yourself.

Click HERE for more information on Skadu!


Bolstr™ Elements Small Carry (Pre-Order)

Bolstr™ Elements is a range of 3 small carry bags that aim to remove the stigma of men carrying small bags, just for their daily carry. From a small carry “extra pocket” for your everyday carry (EDC) to a body sling that’s just smaller than a laptop bag but enough for a tablet, their designs free the pockets from being overstuffed and hampering movement of the legs. The benefit, of course, is easy access to the EDC in an organised system. As a bonus, guys, the single-point crossbody sling looks really cool. We think they nailed the design on that one.

For the ladies, you benefit too - from a lighter clutch or handbag. You can now tell your male friends and loved ones: “Keep your car keys yourself!” xD

Click HERE for more information on bolstr™ Elements.


Stilform Premium Artisan Pens (Pre-Order)

Okay, this is by far the most expensive item on the menu. But it’s really the all-encompassing product when it comes to “premium” gifts. So much so that in the drafts, I’d written the word twice in the subheader before changing it. But it’s also the reason why we think it’s such a great gift that’ll show your giftee how much you appreciate and love them.

You might’ve seen Stilform on social media or Kickstarter some time back. They are premium penmakers who have taken the craft to a whole new level. Constructed to exude a grand yet simple design and flair, Stilform’s pens truly elevate the writing experience with the first-ever magnetic closure mechanism and all-metal, no plastic no glue precision build quality.

Their fountain pen range is customisable with different coloured nibs and nib sizes, and will surely augment any corporate worker’s image. C suite appreciation day? This would be a great one to really appreciate them. Pen enthusiasts will love them as well, of course. One thing we’ve learnt about different enthusiast communities is that customisation options are the next level up, because it gives the item a specificity and personality for that very individual.

Check out the entire range of Stilform products on pre-order HERE.

Ready Items From The Main Catalogue.


Drinkmate’s Soda maker is a godsend for the kitchen or pantry, and we think it makes for one of the most practical gifts, especially for people who stay at home a lot and love fizzy drinks.

Yes, we’ve all heard of SodaStream, but while that might be slightly cheaper and great, it only sparkles water and the syrup mixes from the brand itself. The Drinkmate sparkles anything. Someone left the 1.5L bottle of Coca Cola loosely closed? Pop it in and revitalise it, then scold that potato! Popped a cold can of beer but left it in the fridge for a couple days? Bring it back to life! Feeling a little bubbly but only got flat Cab Sauv? You know what to do. ;)

Find out more about it HERE.



With Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) to more countries opening up on the horizon, business trips could start picking up pace. The Pacum is a compact travel vacuum that is compatible with many valve-type vacuum bags in the market. We’ve tried it with bags from Winter Time and even Daiso and it works superbly with them!

The product comes with minimally 1 Pacum-branded bag, with the option to get 5 bags with the device - ample for any travelling businessperson. And you know what? It doesn’t only deflate. It can inflate as well! Super portable, it fits in your pocket and can be powered externally by a power bank. A true workhorse when it comes to packing, CLICK HERE to find out more!


LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

LARQ is the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle, with its own in-built water purification system. ThePureVis™ technology employs a little UV-C LED light that’s built into the lid of the LARQ bottle. Put some water in it, close the bottle and press the button - the LED eliminates up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants on all the exposed internal surfaces in just a minute!

We have 2 versions of the LARQ bottles available, depending on whether you need double-wall insulation on your bottle. The classic LARQ bottle comes in 500ml and 740ml sizes, 5 colours and insulates hot liquids for up to 12 hours, cold up to 24. LARQ bottle Movement is the active range and is single-walled, so no insulation there, but it comes larger, with 740ml and 950ml sizes in 4 colours. It can also be personalised with LARQ Movement Sleeves.

Click HERE for more information on the LARQ bottle range!


Supply Single Edge 2.0 Shaver and Add-Ons

With a handle made from a single piece of 100% solid stainless steel and dis-cast zinc alloy, coated with aerospace-grade PVD chrome, the Single Edge 2.0 is the best reviewed single-blade razor for men’s grooming. Switch among 3 customisable shave settings within seconds, whether you want an ultra-close shave or have sensitive skin. Supply provides an entire kit for men’s grooming, so it’ll make the perfect gift for your man.

From injector-style blade refills, shaving creams, post-shave maintenance to a brush and stands, click HERE for more information on Supply’s range of products!


Memobottle and Add-Ons

Worthy enough to be given out to the 2016 Oscar Nominees. We’d say “enough said” right here, but there’s just too much to be said about the memobottle.

Memobottles foreground the grace and purity of water with a minimal, timeless design. A crystal clear, BPA/BPS-free flat plastic bottle that hides nothing about the water within helps us appreciate all the wonderful qualities of water when we look at it. Memobottles come in 3 paper sizes - A5 (750ml), A6 (375ml), A7 (180ml), and a SLIM size (450ml), accessories for personalisation are also available through their silicone sleeves, leather lanyards and new metallic lids. Each bottle sold provides 5 months of clean water access to an underprivileged person through

To date, memobottle™ has not only provided over 11 million days of clean water to people in need, they’ve also diverted more than 100 million single-use plastic bottles from landfills. That’s a lot of zeros! This is why we think the bottle will make a splendid premium and thoughtful gift - for the price you pay, you’ll be doing so much more for the world at large!

Click HERE to see the entire memobottle collection!


Made by Fressko Reusable Coffee Cups and Add-Ons

Our favourite coffee cups. At their price point, they look and feel like a great premium corporate gift. Fressko’s cups are manufactured with care and precision for detail and texture and each has a prime all-rounded workmanship, with thoughtful yet minimal accents and features to keep it simple yet beautifully functional. It’s an awesome all-time, all-occasion gift. Does your loved one work from home but like to get their daily fix from the cafe nearby? Take it away! Are they moving around for classes a lot, and could use an insulated coffee cup that’ll turn heads and not leak? Here’s a solution. Coffee keeps you going, Fressko keeps it Fress.

Some features we (and many others) have raved on about Made by Fressko cups:

  1. It’s leakproof. Tried and tested - CLICK HERE TO SEE
  2. Keeps hot and cold up to 3 hours when sealed well - cold for longer with ice
  3. Internal volume indications for your barista
  4. Fits literally any regular cup holder securely
  5. Powder-coated exterior gives a perfect grip, and adds texture and style to a timeless cup shape
  6. It’s extremely easy to clean! We’ve done a post on it HERE that goes through the steps
  7. Absolutely beautiful cup sleeves that help free your hands for other tasks!

See the entire Fressko collection online HERE!


The MagEasy’s usefulness in and out of the work-study sphere is bar none one of the best we’ve seen in a product by a long stretch. There’s nothing more suited to half-in half-out, work from home (WFH) office culture than the MagEasy. It’s the best gift for someone who works and plays on the same hybrid battlestation table at home. Here’s why:

It’s a modular, magnetic desk organisation solution that not only keeps all your office-work essentials in one place, but also has the capability to bring them around with you. The MagEasy Board props itself up at an angle when you need it on your desk. Keep your paperclips, pens, memos and even your Airpods and mobile phone within reach when you’re working. When you’re not, it collapses flat and slots discreetly into any desk drawer, with all your items still on it. The Folio is made for the go-getter and office nomad. It’s basically the Board, but foldable like a book so you can take your office with you, anywhere you’d like to work at! It slides neatly into handbags large enough to stash a 13” laptop into.

One other thing: the individual magnetic components of the MagEasy can also be used individually for many purposes. Need to clip a memo to the fridge? Done. Find out more about it HERE.


Something here you see and like, but is unavailable and you want to make an order? Or if you're looking to get any of these as corporate gifts, contact Rasmus at and he'll sort you out!

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