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August 18, 2021 2 min read

You already know this, but this announcement is Fress from the Press.

Interstellar Goods Singapore is the Official Singapore distributor for Made by Fressko.

You know all about their products. Their elegant Glass Flasks with hybrid Fruit and Tea Infuser looks amazing no matter what beverage is in it, and their highly popular Fressko Reusable Coffee Cup has been championing the reusable takeaway coffee movement both in Australia and Singapore.

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The original LIFT Glass Flasks were awarded the Eco Excellence Awards in 2020 and more recently, their Camino Reusable Coffee Cup has won this year’s Eco Excellence Awards! But they're so humble about it they don't even make it obvious on their website.

MbF Coffee Cups with sleeves

The Fressko Difference

The fine folks at Fressko have not only championed sustainability with their flasks and cups, they’ve made doing so look really good. With unrivalled craftsmanship, simple and sustainable has also become convenient. And they’re also solutions to many of the common problems of reusable coffee cups, such as smell, durability, heat retention and spill-proofing.

Check out the Fressko Family here.


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A little more about Made by Fressko

It’s true, the Fressko cup isn’t the only award-winning reusable coffee cup on the planet. But what’s so different about them? We believe in their philosophy: Be kind to Mother Earth, to others, and to yourself. They’re driven to keep things simple and sustainable, with no frills and no unnecessary flairs.

A company based out of Melbourne, Australia, the folks at Fressko take utmost care in the materials they use and the manufacturing process. Here are some things we love:

  1. Materials: Fressko Flasks and cups are made with the highest quality A-grade borosilicate glass, bamboo and food-grade 304 18/8 stainless steel. Cup lids are made from BPA-free, food-grade polypropylene. Seals and anti-slip bases made from silicone.
  2. Insulation: You can see the vacuum sealing on the Fressko Flask, with the sealed space between the two walls. However, the really amazing part is you can’t see OR FEEL the vacuum sealing on the Fressko Cup! The craftsmanship on the sealing is so seamless and precise that the cup feels single-walled, but is in fact double-walled. That’s dedication and science. And maybe a little bit magical.
  3. No stains, no smells: The Cups and Flasks are easy to wash, with no need to wrestle with any sliding spout lid. Silicone ring seals are extremely easy to remove and replace, and the inner walls do not carry ghost coffee smells or stains!
  4. Leak-proof: Yes you read that right. The Fressko Cups are indeed leak-proof. We have a guide on how to ensure you’re sealing your cup right - it’s not difficult at all and only takes a few seconds. You can see the guide here.
  5. Aesthetics: The products look absolutely stunning. With colours that match any occasion and even a glass to show off the health drink of your choice (in the Glass Flask). They’re also easy to hold and fit into any standard cup holder in your car, cinema or massage chair!

Find out more about the Made by Fressko brand here!

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