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August 18, 2021 2 min read

Just wanted to make sure you get the memo.

Interstellar Goods Singapore is the Official Singapore distributor for memobottle™.

We’ve written a blog post to share the memobottle™ story with you guys before. For our new members of the Interstellar Press, here’s a crash course on another champion of the reusable movement. More specifically, they call it the #onebottlemovement. Put your helmets on and fasten your seatbelts!

memobottle™ is a creative initiative based out of Melbourne, Australia (this city really is the hub for all the people who love coffee and our planet, isn’t it?). The founders and brains behind this award-winning bottle (A’ Design Gold Award 2016 Good Design Award 2017) aspire to educate the world about the importance of clean water and how it is a precious resource for everybody, regardless of economy and location.

memobottle lifestyle banner

Their bottles come in 4 sizes, 3 of which are common paper sizes. The A5, A6 and A7 bottles are the same paper sizes we’re familiar with, hence the “memo” in the bottle. The SLIM size is more akin to a wrist rest or long mobile phone. Exact dimensions of all bottles can be found on our memobottle page here.

SLIM memobottle with black ink silicone sleeve

Oops. Almost forgot to mention the sleek accessories that they have for their memobottles. These silicone sleeves add some character to your memobottle while providing the clear bottle protection from scratches - perfect for a run or night at the gym after a long day's work? We think so too!

As you can see, these bottles are simple, yet just beautiful and a splendid image of the purity of water. It was even selected as one of the gifts given out at the 2016 Oscar nominees!


Check out the memobottle™ collection here.

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A little more about memobottle™

B Corporation with a problem and a mission

memobottle™ is a certified B Corporation and was founded on the Single-Use Problem. This problem is no stranger to the world, but very little know the horrifying statistics that are a result of the problem.

single-use plastic statistics

And this is only a small number of figures. You can read more about the problem at memobottle™ - they tell it best.

Since they’ve launched, they’ve teamed up with to bring clean water access to people in poverty-stricken countries. Initially, every memobottle sold provided 1 person in need with 2 months of clean water. Now, that has been increased to 5 months!

As they continue to work towards minimising single-use plastic, the folks at memobottle™, Jesse and Jonathan, have launched another campaign on Kickstarter as they reimagine the humble water bottle once more, in their stainless steel memobottle.

black stainless steel memobottle

We thought the memobottle couldn’t look better than it already does, but look at that beauty.


Find out more about the memobottle™ brand here.

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