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October 07, 2020 5 min read

A look at 2 unique Kickstarter products and then some.

greyscale photography of skeleton

Back strains are common. They affect us in varying degrees and durations, but we’ve all encountered them at some point in our lives. There is a multitude of causes for back aches, the most common being strains on your muscles or ligaments. However, more often than we expect, improper posture throughout our daily activities exerts a constant strain on our backs. This builds up to the aches that we know and feel.

The first things that we need to know are: what causes the strains? Where are our aches (upper or lower back)?  We’re no experts when it comes to spinal aches in different locations, but we do know that adopting a naturally correct posture is essential to a healthy spine and core.

Our spine carries the majority of the load on our backs. That’s why many products in recent years research and incorporate back ergonomics, to provide back support and encourage posture correction.

So, what can we do to help relieve these back pains without always having to book massage appointments? We have two solution-oriented products to introduce to you. They are simple, functional and most of all, tested. Anytime. Anywhere. Any day.

Both of these products are by BetterBack but note that this article is not sponsored in any way. You may have heard of - or seen - them on theinternet. And of course, onShark Tank, the infamous business reality TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their product seeking investments. Now, on to it.


BetterBack by BetterBack

The first product by BetterBack is eponymous. “Who woulda thunk?” This, as seen on Shark Tank,  is quite simply a strap that stabilises your pelvis. It limits your lumbar (lower back) from arching outwards when you’re seated on any structured chair.

You read that right. Any chair with a firm structure.

Well, we haven’t tested it while sitting on beanbags yet but we assume you’d need a firm surface to sit on. No backrest required.

Elderly couple having tea

The BetterBack was a bestseller onAmazon after being funded a whopping US$3 million onKickstarter andIndiegogo, and for good reason! How the contraption works is to create a taut tension between the knees and lower back, restoring the spine’s natural curvature by pushing the lumbar into its posturally correct position. The pelvis is then stabilised and prevented from tilting around.

Key Features

  • Developed and used by doctors
  • Custom-webbed adjustable straps for people of various sizes
  • No batteries required; slip it on, tighten,et voila
  • Ultra portable; packs down into a slightly thicker tablet-sized form factor
  • Usable even when seated cross-legged on the floor



SuperStraps by BetterBack

The SuperStraps is the latest innovation by BetterBack the brand. It is an even simpler product that sits under the straps of your backpack, just by the front of your shoulders. Completely reusable and easily transferable, the SuperStraps upgrades your favourite everyday backpack into an ergonomic one.

Superstraps baby carrier

So how do you use it? Fasten them under your backpack’s straps, as easily as you do with velcro shoes. They should align to the front of your shoulders when you carry it [Note: the SuperStraps work on any backpack with straps under 2.5 inches].

Carry your bag as you would any normal day, and when it begins to get heavy from the strain of its weight, activate the SuperStraps by pulling down on the zipper-like tag on the side. Deactivate by pulling the zipper-tag back up. It's really as simple as zipping and unzipping a pouch hidden in your bag strap.

Key Features


  • Hassle-free help
  • Speed; 20 seconds to attach, 1 second to activate
  • Use on almost any backpack
  • Lighten your load by up to 20%
  • Immediate relief of tension in your neck, back, hip and knees
  • Tested on the streets and approved by public testers

Why SuperStraps or BetterBack? Either, Both or Neither?

As consumers ourselves, we always ask these questions. For one, there’s nothing quite like these on the market. We’ll give them that. BetterBack the company is known to be resolute in its intent to, as their name implies, build solutions to help people improve the condition of their back and posture. 

Human Spine Drawing

A Little Anatomy: The upper to lower back should naturally arch in a gentle S shape. After the neck, the upper back should have a long, gentle outward curve, known as the thoracic curvature. From there, the lower back is a shorter segment of the spine that curves inwards. That’s the lumbar curvature. This is the structure that supports all the load on our upper bodies - including our heads. [Fun fact: a typical adult human brain weighs about1.3kg!]

Commuting with a moderately weighted backpack throughout the day will take a toll on the back muscles. Like how expectant mothers tend to lean backwards to compensate for the heavier frontal weight, we tend to lean forwards and hunch once we begin to feel the sustained weight on our backs.

It makes perfect sense in the moment; we do it to center the weight along our bodies. And while that seems to be a good short-term solution, we misalign our posture. This causes our backs to bend out of its natural position. That is mainly how we end up with the chronic, cantankerous aches.

There are many other possible reasons and variables involved, like if we carry a heavy briefcase in one hand and tilt sideways, or slinging a bag over one shoulder. But you get the idea.

Betterback person sitting on floor

According to BetterBack the brand, BetterBack the product is not only a posture corrector, it is also a posture trainer. 15 minutes a day is all it takes for you to experience the transformation and resulting back pain relief. Sustained usage re-trains the body’s default posture and, in time, you will see even your standing posture improve.

The SuperStraps can work for you in tandem with BetterBack the product. In fact, we think that using both regularly (since they help improve posture and relieve back pains separately) could hasten the process of relief and provide constant back support. That’s why we’ve put both of them together here. Did we mention the alliteration? Amazing as always.

Why would we get it? It might seem like a small investment to make but ultimately, you’ll need to decide how much you’d use these products and how practical they are in your daily life.

We think that these innovations are a great step in providing more back support and pain relief but definitely not everybody needs them. Consider, though, if used regularly as intended in the long run, these products as investments would be cost little when compared to the returns in health and wellness for us.

Personally, plainly by virtue of its versatility, compatibility, functionality and ease of use, the SuperStraps is a fantastic solution that doesn’t break the bank. It is also easier and requires less work to use. Betterback the product is great too, but perhaps more important to those with more chronic back pains. If you move around a lot with a backpack and seldom sit for long, get the SuperStraps alone. If you sit for hours on end, whether it be gaming or working at a desk, BetterBack  the product is right for you.

Finally, while these products aid the spine in postural alignment and weight management, they are by no means a replacement for a doctor! Do remember to consult a doctor if you have persistent back pains.

If you’ve gotten this far into the article, you’re probably interested in how much the products can do for your weary back. Or you just enjoy reading. We hope you have enjoyed this read and had your concerns clarified. If not, let us know below and we will do our best to respond to you!

Find out more about the BetterBack and Superstrapshere. If you’d like to try these products out, make an appointment and come down to our office at JustCo in Marina Square, Singapore today!

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