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October 06, 2020 4 min read

Disclaimer: What you're about to read is an honest review by a previous Interstellar Goods customer. We do not edit a single thing - everything here is 100% authentic. If you'd like to provide an honest review on your own to be featured here on our blog, please email us here. Thanks!


I would love to share a device that I bought last December which is called the Kablecard. Nope, not cable car. I would have to sell my kidneys to buy a cable car and I don’t even know if I can park a cable car in the carpark if I have one. Well it is a car, technically. So will it be accepted in carpark? 

So what is Kablecard? It is a multifunctional essential tool for your mobile phone. It has 6 cable-types stored in one card. The size of the Kablecard is that of a credit card, albeit it is a little thicker than your normal credit card. I would say it is the same size as 2 credit cards stacked together. And yup, it holds 6 cables-types accessories. You know what they say - It is not about the size, it is the quality. So what cables-types are inside? If you open up the lid, you will see a 20 cm USB-C to USB-C cable, a micro USB adaptor which you can put on or take it off, a lightning pin for Apple products, a traditional USB-A adaptor. So depending on your needs, you can practically adapt any of these to your mobile phones. It is pretty much very modular. 

There are also 2 empty slots where you can place your nano sim card. You know when you have an extra sim card if you are travelling, this slot gives you a peace of mind to store the sim card in. There is also a sim card pin tool to eject your sim card tray on your phone, very handy to have that anytime anywhere. Oh and there’s more - You would see a triangular interesting looking thing in the middle. These are led bulbs. Yup, the Kablecard is also a functional torchlight. You need to hook it up to a USB power source however. So you need to manage your expectations a little bit here. Well, if you make the Kablecard stand, and you connect it to your laptop via the UBS, it becomes a functional ambient light. 

Oh wait, that is not all. Connect the Kablecard to a USB power source such as your portable charger or even laptops, face the Kablecard Logo upright and you have got yourself a….wait for it….a wireless charging pad. That is just amazing. Wait, you must think that is it. You cannot be more wrong. Open the lids of the Kablecard to make it stand, open up this little door just below the logo and you have got yourself a very functional phone stand. Whaaaaaaaaat. 

If you think for a moment that is all there is to the Kablecard at this point, you do have little faith. There is a micro-sd card slot at the side of the Kablecard which make this device a micro-sd card reader too! Just connect the provided cable onto the Kabelcard and to a laptop, and you will be transferring files to and from the Kablecard like a boss.

I love the intelligence that goes into developing this device. It is really very smart. Having said that, there are things which could be better. The latch where you rest your phone is a little bit too small to place your phone in vertical mode. Big phones like the Note 10+ will have trouble staying upright because the latch is a little bit small for that kind of setup. The ideal way to rest your phone will be vertical. The next iteration should have a bigger latch. 

The next thing is the lids of the Kablecard. When you open it up, you find that you can’t open it up all the way because of how it is designed. Don’t try to force it open more than what it can because you might break the lids. Because of this limitation, you might find it a little hard for you to reach the top half of the inner parts, especially the USB A. This will be more difficult if you have fingers as fat as mine. So if the lids can be opened a little wider, without compromising the structure to have the Kablecard stand upright, then I think it would be perfect. I know this is a lot to ask. I am just nitpicking at this point. 

But wow, this is an awesome thing to have around. Especially useful if you are on the move always, like me. I forgo my entire cable pouch and I bring this instead to my external meetings and travel. It is small enough to fit this into your wallets or your purse. You need this!


The Interstellar Goods team would like to extend our gratitude to  Khairun for taking the time and effort to prepare this in-depth actual user review. Aside from formatting edits, this review has been left intact as it was sent to us.

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