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Disclaimer: What you're about to read is an honest review by a previous Interstellar Goods customer. We do not edit a single thing - everything here is 100% authentic. If you'd like to provide an honest review on your own to be featured here on our blog, please email us here. Thanks!
Han Liang
I’ve always had a struggle figuring out the best way to carry my camera gear together with my clothes. It’s usually too difficult to find a system that effectively combines both. Either you have the best camera bag but didn’t have enough space for clothes or if you have a bag for your travel essentials but didn’t have space for camera gears unless you pair it with a camera cube.
 Nomatic X Peter McKinnon Camera Pack
On top of that without the need to bring a roller luggage when you just want to stay agile for those weekend trips or getaways.
 Nomatic X Peter McKinnon Camera Pack
 Nomatic X Peter McKinnon Camera Pack
This is a bag that can fit my travel needs and also my camera gears whether it is for a commercial shoot or just a casual hobbyist. (It’s carry-on size).
 Camera Pack
It is a quality product with full customisation and lots of compartments.
Nomatic Camera Bag
Laptop sleeve. (They have compartment for tablet as well)
Camera Bag
It is able to expand when you want to.
 Nomatic X Peter McKinnon Camera Pack
Water resistant material.
Peter McKinnon
Most importantly, thick shoulder pads and tension straps. You name it, they probably have it. This bag really have everything I wanted. They even have magnetic bottle pocket on the side of the bag for your bottle, so when you don’t need it, you can still close it - very neat!
Nomatic Camera Backpack
Camera Backpack
Aside from all these, another USP is that this bag comes with another Cube Daypack that can be purchase in a bundle with the main Camera Pack.
It’s really two bags in one. That's because the Cube Daypack can be transforms into a backpack, which is about as ingenious as it gets - it fits inside the camera compartment perfectly when compress.
You can pack a small kit in the Cube Daypack and head out for an adventure with everything you need while leaving the larger pack at home or in the hotel room.
It's a system that's perfectly designed for photographers that are traveling, that way you can customize your bag to your needs for each specific day or location. Nice!
The bag feels really good in person, not exaggerating, you have to feel it yourself in person. There are way more other functions than the ones I’ve mentioned here.
Fret not, at InterstellarGoods, you can even set appointment to view the product in person before buying.
So far I’ve been using this bag for my commercial shoot or when I’m out exploring the city and hopefully, for travel after the pandemic.
Apart from the bag itself, I would like to give credit to InterstellarGoods on making my whole experience worthwhile!
Peter McKinnon Bag
Initially I pledged this project on Kickstarter, not knowing that there’s a company in Singapore which will be bringing this product in. After knowing that they do bring in this product, I went ahead to contact them. To my surprise, they were really nice on helping me to make the whole transfer process an ease and assuring me that they will keep the bag in stock for me till I got it refunded from Kickstarter/Nomatic side.
Apart from that, they also let me know that shipping + taxes might set me back an additional $100+ because the shipment will likely attract a 7% GST charge since it is above $400 and is from overseas.
So in the end, I’ve managed to get it from InterstellarGoods! The price is cheaper and best of all, it’s free shipping to your door!
Hanliang Peter McKinnon
By Hans
IG Handle: @hanliang
The Interstellar Goods team would like to extend our gratitude to Hans for taking the time and effort to prepare this in-depth actual user review. Aside from formatting edits, this review has been left intact as it was sent to us.

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