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March 30, 2020 2 min read

We at Interstellar Goods marvel at innovative products that are reusable and eco-friendly and this one really impressed us!

No, we did not bring in the Rocketbook because of how well its name goes with Interstellar Goods. What fuelled our excitement for this smart, erasable notebook (pun intended) was how smoothly it combines smartphone digitisation with a traditional pen and paper experience.

How It Works

1. Write with an Ordinary Pilot Frixon Pen

Despite being a digital notebook, Rocketbook Everlast works with a pen from the Pilot Frixion line (available with every Rocketbook purchase, and at all major bookstores across Singapore). 

Write, draw or scribble anything – and it becomes smudge proof on the Rocketbook’s special silky waterproof pages under 1 second.

2. Scan Pages With Your Smartphone & Save to the Cloud

You can then turn your smartphone camera into a scanner with the Rocketbook app (available on iOS and Android). Simply wave your smartphone above this smart notebook for 0.5s, and your pages get auto-cropped and digitised. Just like that.

The Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook has an additional super cool feature – you can send your pages to different scan destinations simply by crossing a symbol at the bottom of each page.

Last but not least, QR codes on each page also correspond to page numbers – so scanned pages are automatically cumulative in PDF/image formats.

3. Made An Error? Add Some Water to Erase!

What? Made an error? No need to rip the page of this smart erasable notebook and start afresh. With just a few drops of water and a microfibre cloth (yes, this is provided too), smudge-proof writing dissolves and you can wipe the page clean. 

Check It Out

So there you have it! The Rocketbook is a smart erasable notebook (or portable whiteboard!) made to last you for years. Save the planet, and discover convenience with easy to search digitised notes.

PS: If you’d like to schedule an appointment to view the at our office in Marina Square, head on over here.

You can also check out the Rocketbook Everlast’s features over here.


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