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October 15, 2019 2 min read

7 Reasons Why the Pacum Wins the Vago, Hands Down

So you're travelling overseas with a whole bunch of kids (or clothes)!

You need a USB-powered portable travel vacuum sealer device for clothes – should you go for the VAGO or the Pacum?

Here at Interstellar Goods, we think this decision is an easy one.

A Detailed Comparison

Vago Pacum Winner
1. Compatibility with third-party vacuum bags
  • NOT compatible. Works only with VAGO-branded vacuum bags
  • Works with any vacuum bag
  • Comes with nozzle adapters for various bags
2. Powered by
  • Micro-USB from portable power bank
  • Wall socket
  • Micro-USB from portable power bank
  • Wall socket
3. Size
  • Fits in the palm of your hand. Slightly smaller than Pacum
  • Fits in the palm of your hand. 
Vago, but by a thin margin
4. Speed
  • Up to 2 minutes
  • Less than a minute
  • Up to 4x faster than Vago
5. Price of Device
  • 1x device + 1x 40x50cm bag for S$99
  • 1x device + 1x 50x60cm bag + various nozzle adapters for S$89
6. Price of Extra Vacuum Bag
  • 1x S size (36x36cm) for S$12.90
  • 1x M size (50x60cm) for S$15.90
  • 1x L size (100cm x 70cm) for S$19.90
  • 5x 50x60cm bag for S$59 only – S$11.80/bag
7. Use Cases
  • Only for travel, unless you want to put food inside your expensive Vago vacuum bags
  • Cannot inflate
  • Travel
  • Food storage (can work with food vacuum bags)
  • Packing your house (can work with cheap S$2 Daiso vacuum bags)
  • Inflating floats, beach balls etc.



From the above specs comparison, it's quite clear who the winner is.

The Pacum is the next generation USB-powered portable travel vacuum device that will supersede the Vago.

It gets our approval, and we recommend you go with it :)

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