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October 15, 2020 4 min read

For that eco-friendly friend or family member.

Or maybe you are that friend. Or family member. And you were asked what you wanted for this gifting season. We’ve got you covered here at The Interstellar Press.

Memobottle A6 Camera


If you know about this bottle, you knew it had to be here. If you’ve not heard about the Memobottle by now, the founders are passionate about reducing single-use plastic waste.

The Memobottle is made fromTritan™, a BPA (bisphenol A)-free and BPS (bisphenol S)-free plastic. Yes they’re still plastics. But these plastic bottles give crystal-clear clarity and durability. Most of all, they’re sustainable.

Just kidding.

They ARE sustainable, butmost of all, they’re BEAUTIFUL. So beautiful, they were given out as gifts at the 88th Oscars®️ Awards! Today, they’re in Singapore. Have a look at these! 

Memobottle with phone

Memobottle in hand


Memobottle in purse

The Memobottle™ has not only become an iconic product but it has become a vehicle for changing society's mentality around how water can be transported and consumed. It signifies the balance between improved life convenience, environmental responsibility and considered design.

Sleek. Minimalist. Modern. These bottles could make the perfect gift for anyone!


Nuud on hand

Nuud: Sweat Odour Bacteria Neutraliser

These little tuubs of anti-odour creams are guud.

100% natural from content to packaging, this next generation deodorant takes sustainability to a whole other level. 

The tubes are made frombioplastic sugarcane and the outer packaging from biodegradable cardboard, making the productPLASTIC-FREE.

That’s not all. They’re cruelty-free, too. And apart from being eco-friendly, Nuud is also vegan-friendly. Zero animal origin. No animal testing.

Only 10 natural ingredients go into the concoction and Nuud is as transparent a company as it gets. You can read more about the ingredientshere.

Nuud Product image

Now, the tube may look a little small but here’s the part where it gets slightly magical: one application (of a pea-sized bead) will last you anywhere between 3-7 days, even through sweat and showers! 

Finally, Nuud is gentle on your pits too. It does not contain aluminium salts, fragrances, vague chemicals or alcohol. It works on a different mechanism - instead of “plugging” the sweat glands, they let the sweat free but kill the bacteria that causes the smells.

Nuud freshness

Made for all pits. Even Brad’s.

Fresh armpits everywhere.


Rocketbook Notes


If your friend makes a lot of notes or sketches, this product is just the thing we’ve got! The Rocketbook is a thin, simple smart notebook that works with any pen from the Pilot Frixion lineup. The pens are easily available in Singapore, at any stationery store you can find.

This book lasts for years on end with its seamless paper-to-digital capability, coupled with how easily it is to erase your notes - just a few drops of water on a cloth andwipe them away. The pages are synthetic and the entire book is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the pages.

Rubbing GIF

Pages are otherwise smudge-proof once the ink has dried. This guy has been trying for months.

Seamless Rocketbook scanning

Unlimited spaceacross multiple storage destinations. Packed in this 1cm-thick book is limitless space for all your thoughts, and then some. There are 7 symbols on the bottom of every page. You can pair these symbols with Google Drive, Evernote, Slack, iMessage and other storage destinations using the Rocketbook App. Simply cross your desired destination for the note and the app will automatically optimise it and send it. 

Perfect for the avid notetaker, writer, and artist, the Rocketbook has uses far and wide!


Bubi Yoga Mat


If the Memobottle is still a little too rigid for you, the Bubi Rollable Bottle is a great alternative.

Made usingmedical-grade silicone, this bottle is perfect for the wanderer and sportsperson. It is built to last. Coming in two sizes, the bottle is well-structured when unrolled, and rolls down to about ⅕ of its size when empty.

Gift it to your child and they can throw it around with the bags and it won’t spill or break.

Bring it with you when you do sports; a full bottle of water to a game of tennis. Drink up and when you’re done, roll it up and pocket it. You’ll thank yourself for not having that Nalgene bottle you still have to swing around in its full form-factor!

The Bubi Rollable Bottle is truly rugged yet chic enough to be used as a daily bottle. 

Bubi on fire

Yes. That really happened. Dropped your Bubi in the grill? Nothing to worry about! It can take heat up to 260℃ and cold down to -73℃. Even an alligator’s bite couldn’t puncture it. That’s how rugged it is.


TIC Shower and Skin

TIC Shower & Skin Bottles 2.0

Finally we have this reusable innovation by TIC Design. Carry up to 6 tubes of shower liquids in its main compartment and 4 little tubs of skincare products in the bottom.

Filling and washing the individual tubes are super easy to do! 

Black TIC Shower Bottle

Simply slide up the tubes from the outer shell, twist the cap and fill them up. Once filled, replace the lid and slot them back in. The tubes sit on a vertical axis that allows them to rotate. That’s how you select your shower liquid.

When the selection is made (say shampoo for example), the tube will click into place at the front. Just push down the lid of the tube to start pumping! You’ll never have to bring an entire toiletries bag with 4 loose bottles, and have nowhere to put them ever again!

Now we know what you’re thinking: “We can’t even travel! What’s the use?”

Hitting the gym before a dinner plan and need to take a shower in between? BAM!

Going for a staycation and need/prefer to use your own products? BAM!

Going to the beach? BAM!

You can TIC all these boxes.

thumbs up

These innovations we have curated are not only unique in their designs. Some have a beautiful motivation and story. All of them take small steps towards reducing our waste output. Whether by upcycling used plastics, encouraging recycling and reusing, or being total in its eco-friendly production.

If you’re interested in these products, you can find more information on our store pages!

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