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Here we go! Time for gift shopping and, if you don't celebrate Christmas, bargain hunting!

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Are you moving around a lot on an average work day? Meeting after meeting scheduled from rooster call to roll call? Some of us have to work on the go and it can get really straining, especially on days where we barely have time to rest and have a stretch.

Here are 5 small gift ideas for the active business-on-the-go people you know this Christmas - yourself included because why not get yourself a gift? You deserve it!



1. SuperStraps

This just in! The creators of the critically acclaimed BetterBack, an ingeniously simple posture corrector and trainer, made posture assistance even more portable. Make almost any backpack ergonomic! Carry your bag with no worry of neck or back strain. Just carry your bag the usual way and when it starts to get heavy, activate the SuperStraps!

The SuperStraps are small, simple and invisible. To use them, you attach the SuperStrap underneath the strap of your backpack, between the strap and the front of your shoulders. On the side of each SuperStrap is a zipper-like tab; simply pull on these tabs to activate the mechanism and unleash the magic! Just like that, it lifts up to 11kg off your back.


superstraps hidden under bag strap

It takes 20 seconds to attach, and a mere 1 second to activate, all while remaining unseen beneath your bag’s straps. Carry your favourite backpack and slap these on. The sensation of relief is instantaneous. You’ll have to try it to believe it.

You can read more about the BetterBack and Superstraps here.


rocketbook on desk with tea and phone

2. Rocketbook Everlast

The Rocketbook has recently seen a spike in movement from our inventory, and we believe for good reason. Perhaps an effect of creative juices, simmering from the discouragement of outdoor social activities, or from the brewing minds of more home-based working. The Rocketbook is one of the best and longest lasting paper-to-digital notebooks in the market today.

A Note: The Rocketbook Everlast has been officially renamed the Rocketbook Core. As the manufacturers have aptly stated on their website, they’re progress towards making more sustainable products brought them to rename the Rocketbook as the ‘core’ of their mission to build a sustainable future. The only difference between the Rocketbook Everlast and Rocketbook Core is the nomenclature. They are otherwise the same product with the same technology. As we bring in more Rocketbooks into Singapore on our platforms, our Rocketbooks will gradually be packaged as the Core, but they will be equally everlasting.

This notebook otherwise needs no introduction. Every active business person would benefit greatly from the Rocketbook. Bring one book instead of three, lighten your load. In tandem with the SuperStraps, you can be sure you’ll never hear from nasty neck strains again!

You can read more about it in our Product Introduction of it here.


Madt by Fressko mint cup with book white background

3. Made by Fressko Camino Cup

Probably one of our most highly anticipated brands of 2020, Made by Fressko is finally here! Beautiful, modern, functional. This cup is perfect for the business person on the go. No frills, no bull-fecal-matter.

Easy and really, really nice to hold, the Camino has internal markers from 8oz to 12oz, so you never have to worry about your barista overpouring your 8oz double shot. Nobody likes that, especially after a series of grueling meetings and conferences. Did we mention its ability to keep your drinks hot for up to 3 hours? Yes please!

If you have smaller hands or fancy a smaller cup, the good chaps at Fressko have you sorted, too! The Bino has a maximum volume of 8oz, excellent for that cup of Magic or milkier 7oz single. We’re absolutely in love with this cup for reasons more than aesthetics and function, find out why here!

The perfect cup of coffee sets all things right; the perfect cup for coffee keeps them that way. 


Made by Fressko glass infuser bottle with plant and book

4. Made by Fressko Glass Infuser Bottles

You may have seen iterations of these glass flasks around, but these are the OGs. Winners of the 2020 Eco Excellence Awards, Fressko has revolutionised the reusable bottle scene with these insulated glass infusers.

Normally, when we think “insulated thermos flasks”, we immediately visualise stainless steel ZojirushiTiger or Thermos® flasks. There’s just something about crystal-clarity glass and the canonical cylinder shape that command such timeless, simple beauty.

Each flask comes with Fressko’s removable 2-in-1 Infuser Filter for you to brew as you go. Infuse not just teas, but fruits in your water if you please, and maintain your drink’s temperatures for hours. All while being able to see the colours of whatever is going on in the bottle! For glass products, they’re pretty durable too.

A great gift for almost any occasion, brewing as you go makes any busy person that much more time-efficient - whether at the desk or on the go.


 woman holding necksaviour

5. NeckSaviour Mini

The NeckSaviour Mini, simply put, is a portable neck therapist. Designed by a physiotherapist, the device is precisely engineered to relieve stiff neck and neck strains that cause tension headaches.

NEckSaviour Mini in use bent under neck

The product works throughcervical traction - a stretching method commonly used by therapists to stretch the spine. Cervical traction pulls the head away from the neck, allowing the vertebrae to separate and muscles to relax.

Visiting the chiropractor can be expensive, and not quite often we find ourselves in a spot where we feel our pains are not severe enough to warrant a visit to the specialist. The NeckSaviour Mini has been widely used by many and positively impacted their strains. Even Imogen Bankier loves it!

Sitting on your desk all day slouching down toward your screen, or constantly looking at your phone with a bent neck, is one of the leading causes of these neck strains and can even cause long-term pains known as Text Neck. Get yourself or your friends one of these little NeckSaviour Minis and you’d be a saviour too!

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