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November 20, 2020 3 min read

One of the lucky few hundreds to travel to Hong Kong from November 22nd? Be sure to pack well and travel safe! Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of what’s happening.


Travel flight

So it’s finally happening! Countries are slowly but carefully looking to restart leisure travel arrangements and one the first countries that Singapore is Hong Kong, and just in time because the last quarter of the year is arguably the best time to visit the country.

Some Quick Information:

  • Only 1 flight per day, carrying only 200 passengers
  • No quarantine required upon arrival
  • No restriction to travel indication (you can travel for leisure!)
  • The daily passenger count will increase from 7 December 2020 if all goes well
  • HOWEVER, travel bubble will be suspended if the daily average number of untraceable cases exceeds 5 in either city

What to Do Before Departure

Essentially, travellers are required to take a COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) nucleic acid test at participating clinics within 72 hours of departure.

For Singaporean travellers, you will also need to pre-book a post-arrival PCR test to be conducted upon arrival in Hong Kong. Further to that, you will be required to complete a health & quarantine declaration from Hong Kong.

The South China Morning Post has just published an article with detailed information on travelling this afternoon. Do read through the article carefully!

Okay You’re All Set. Now What?

It’s time to pack! Pull that suitcase out of storage and get cracking!


suitcase packing clothes

Weather and Clothing

The weather in Hong Kong  is expected to be clear over the next 7 days with low humidity and a temperature low of around 22℃ at night. The temperature peaks at about 27℃ on average. Pack for comfort. Thicker t-shirts should do the trick.

Over the next month - should the travel bubble hold - the temperature will continue to decrease, so if you’re planning to travel later in December, do pack thicker clothing!

The weather is going to be a welcome change for any Singaporean traveller to Hong Kong. Wearing your face masks won’t be as much of a burden with the cooler temperatures and drier climate. Your face won’t feel like a mini oven under the fabric, especially if you have facial hair.

Can’t say the same for the folks coming from Hong Kong though…

face mask sunglasses

Face Masks

Don’t ever forget to wear your mask! It may feel like before where we could move around showing our broad smiles but masks are still mandatory. Bring enough face masks for your entire trip and a little longer!

Pro-tip: Most surgical/filtered face masks are at their highest efficiency within the first 6 hours of use. For government-issued face masks (the one s from the vending machine), remember they only last 30 washes. Switching your masks out and washing them (if they’re reusable) after that point is good practice.


hand sanitiser pump with hands

Hand Sanitisers

Packing a small bottle of hand sanitiser for your trip is also a good idea. You never know when you’d need it on the trip. And if you end up needing more, you can get refills in Hong Kong. Note that the climate in the city now is rather dry, so consider bringing a moisturising sanitiser. Also remember, no more than 100ml in your carry-on baggage!

All in all, if you are part of the pilot batch of people to leave the country for leisure, we wish you safe travels and a good time!



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2020 may have started off on the rough side of the road, but with 10 consecutive days of no locally-transmitted cases, the opening of some nightlife spots in Singapore and the travel bubble with Hong Kong, we daresay things are looking up for Christmas and beyond! Let’s just try our best not to burst this bubble.

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