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Trippal - The World's Best Travel Pillow | Official Singapore

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– Authorised Retailer –

Interstellar Goods is an authorised retailer and official partner of Trippal. All our products are guaranteed genuine


Quick Summary

– Authorised Retailer –

Interstellar Goods is an authorised retailer and official partner of Trippal. All our products are guaranteed genuine


The First Travel Pillow Designed With Cervical Spondylosis In Mind

Otherwise known as arthritis or osteoarthritis of the neck, TripPal's travel pillow combats the everyday wear-&-tear of the neck and C-spine. How?

A patent pending, dual-layer polyurethane composite comprising a firm core surrounded by a soft cushioning, both made by different densities of memory foam.

The result is a blend of material that is comfortable, supportive, lightweight and flexible.

Complete Ergonomic Support

The TripPal travel pillow is contoured to nest perfectly between your shoulders and head, like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. The contours ensure that your head is aligned and supported naturally on your shoulders while you sleep. This maintains a natural C-spine alignment.

Did you know that for every inch your head tilts out of its vertical alignment, you add 10lbs (4.5kg) of pressure on your neck?

TripPal has a solution!

HybridFlex foam composite

Firm inner core and soft outer cushioning forms a dual-layer polyurethane support for your neck. Patent pending.

Soft while firm, ensuring that your neck gets just the right support that it needs when you sleep on the move.

Extreme comfort for long travels

Soft and stretchy mesh fabric outer is cool to the touch and easily removed to wash.

AirTrack technology effectively wicks moisture and heat to maintain a good ventilation around your neck.

The outer lining is Ice-Cool. A fine texture and soft touch on your skin that is super comfortable. no itching and moisture trapping.

Thoughtful ergonomics for all-round support

Sculpted pillow shape rests perfectly on your shoulders, keeping the pillow aligned as it supports your head while sleeping. It's engineered to fit the curves of the different parts of the body that it touches.

A closed-loop pillow design maintains proper chin support to keep your head upright and rested.

Combined with a slim back design, the travel pillow doesn't cause you to hunch at your C-spine, further securing your neck in it's naturally-aligned position.

Soft, compact, yet strong

Skeptical about neck pillows because they're usually too hollow? Don't worry. The TripPal travel pillow can hold up a weight of up to 4kg while keeping its true intended shape. (Yes, that's a No.8 bowling ball!)

With adjustable buckles to secure the closed loop support, your head won't be flailing about the ride while you sleep. No more stiff necks and aches!




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