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The New Single Edge SE/Pro | Supply Co.

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– Authorised Retailer –

Interstellar Goods is an authorised retailer and official Singapore partner of Supply Co. All our products are guaranteed genuine

The Single Edge
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Quick Summary

– Authorised Retailer –

Interstellar Goods is an authorised retailer and official Singapore partner of Supply Co. All our products are guaranteed genuine

Two New Supply Razors: The Single Edge SE and The Single Edge Pro

After six years, The Single Edge has just been sharpened. Thanks to all of Supply's MVPs (you, the customers) and the hard work of the team, this year, we're saying goodbye to nicks, cuts, skin irritation, excessive plastic waste and exorbitant amounts spent on shaving. Once and for all.

The Single Edge SE

Built like a tank, drives like a Tesla. The SE is what you get when the premium shave of a single blade meets the convenience of a multi-blade.

Nickstop™ is a patent pending technology that reduces cuts by 75% with perfectly aligned fins that guide hairs to the samurai-level blade. They've dialled in the optimal shaving angle with the fins so you don't have to worry about finding it anymore — 15 degrees.

The Single Edge SE puts the "safe" in safety razors for the first time ever. Undoubtedly the best shave for your skin, wallet and planet, it is the only razor designed for every-body.

The Single Edge Pro

Remember when you used to receive 3 separate pieces of metal for your shave settings? Forget about it.

The all-new shave dial gives you unrivaled customisation in the palm of your hand. More accurately, at the tip of your thumb. This one-size-fits-all Single Edge gives you a total of 30 shave settings to dial in the best shave for your skin type and hair length. From short stubbles to thick wiry beards, the power is in your hands.

Delimit the freedom of your shave with the same premium craftsmanship guaranteed for life with their most advanced design to date, and just as intuitive a shave as everyone loves the Single Edge for.

Black Label Quickload™ cartridges

The Single Edge blades got an upgrade too! Forged in Seki, Japan, say hello to the Black Label blades: 2x thicker, created through the marriage of the age-old excellence of Japanese forging and state-of-the-art technology.

A New Hallmark In Single Edge Razor History

2 New Razors: For Every Body, With Hyper Customisability

Same Single Motion Change,
All New Black Label Blades.

Yep, Supply still accepts non-proprietary "injector" style blades.

But their own Quickload™ blades just got better! Forged in Seki, Japan, these new blades are a fusion of ancient forging excellence and state-of-the-art technology. 2x thicker, 2x as many shaves.

Safe to handle. Each blade lasts you 8-10 shaves. 8 blades included (3 months' supply). And they're easily recyclable!

New Nickstop™ technology is fin-tastic

The Single Edge SE puts the "safe" in safety razor, for the first time. Ever.

16 precision fins perfectly aligned to the safety bar guides hairs to the samurai-grade blade. We're leaving nicks and cuts behind this 2022, because with these fins, skin can't get in.

Stop looking for that perfect angle, we've got it for you — 15 degrees. Place the head against your skin, rotate until the fins lie flat against it, done! We did say perfectly aligned, right?

Unrivalled customisation for the pro shaver

In the most advanced design yet, the all-new shave dial has blown the knob out the water.

With 6 main shave settings and micro-adjustments in between, you now have a total of 30 different settings!

Customise your shave according to your skin's needs and hair length. From short stubbles to thick, wiry beards, they'll all be gone with the flick of a thumb.

Can you shave other parts of your body?

Short answer: YES!

Slightly longer answer: the Single Edge SE makes even shaving your toes a cinch. from your head to toe, and everywhere in between, you're covered.

Why spend more for less when you can spend less for better everything? Ditch the itch, make the change to the only single edge razor you'll never need.


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