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January 09, 2021 5 min read

New year, new me? Why not “New year, improved me”?

Let’s face it: “new year new me” doesn’t work - well, mostly. Here at Interstellar, we believe that while we are helpless about what has happened, we can influence what hasn’t. 2020 might have been a trainwreck but we did it! We’re through to 2021. If 2020 gave us anything, it had to be patience, new perspectives and the fact that there’s much to do.

We’ve taken these 3 things into consideration for our goal this year and listed some items that might help us achieve it below. They might inspire you, so have a read!

Our goal: Better organisation to boost productivity.

laptop on chair


In this new era of working from home, many of us have to take our work wherever we go. After all, Singapore is a small country. If you’re one of the working-class nomads (like us!), then you’d find great use for the MOFT Laptop Stand. Winner of the iF Design Award 2020, the MOFT Laptop Stand collapses flat beneath your laptop when not in use, and takes merely 1 full second to fold out and prop your device up to 3 inches up.


Moft laptop in hand

It is simple and functional, and doesn’t complicate the look of your laptop - might actually enhance it with its textured surface instead! The laptop stand has 2 height settings: 2-inch elevation and 3-inch elevation. One is ideal for when you’re seated at a desk; the other perfect when you have to stand.


moft laptop stand

When you’re moving around with your laptop and can’t always be at the same desk to work, having an ergonomic attachment for your laptop helps preserve your posture. That in turn prevents fatigue from building up as quickly, helping you to focus better and be more productive!

Next up, the Propoint Travel Mouse has a slightly understated name. It is not only small and compact enough to make it perfect for traveling (if you need a mouse for business trips), but also packs a real ton for its size.


propoint mouse ergonomic grip

Sporting an award-winning ergonomic grip design, the ProPoint is a mouse that even works with your iPad! It works without issues on literally any surface you’d think of, and with the flick of a switch turns into a virtual presenter device that’s capable of drawing or highlighting over your slides. Presenting in person to a room of people? Use the ProPoint as a laser pointer as well!

With the ProPoint, you will either have all the creative powers at your fingertips, or wield the ultimate potential for presentations in the palm of your hands!

sticky notes on wall


When it comes to note taking, there are a couple of highly popular office items that come to mind. We’ve seen cubicles chock full of post-its on each of the 3 walls around the table and meeting rooms tiled with pink, red, yellow squares.

Tesla Amazing has reinvented the classic post-it with their Magnetic Notes. No, they’re not actually magnetic, but each sheet is static-charged. This allows two things: for them to stick to almost any surface - totally adhesive-free, and for the ENTIRE sheet to adhere.


magnetic notes

The typical post-it tends to dog-ear and curl up after being left on the wall for a while, as only a small part of the sheet has the adhesive. The Magnetic Notes not only lie completely flat, but also stay that way for up to months in the ideal setting!

magnetic notes

What’s more, they can easily be moved around and reshuffled along the surface. Simply slide them around! Both sides of the sheet can be written on and stuck to a surface, and the reverse side of the sheet is even dry-erasable! This means endless reusability with non-permanent water-based markers. Talk about productivity!

The Rocketbook is making another appearance just because it’s usefulness is in its prime. If we’re not taking notes on post-its or on our laptops, they’re most likely in notebooks. And these books were made to be the ideal companion to the Pilot Frixion erasable ink lineup.


Rocketbook digitised

Often, one notebook isn’t enough for us. Whether it’s taking notes for different subjects/classes, writing, or just keeping different aspects of our lives separate, you’ll only need one Rocketbook. This erasable smart notebook can do a one-time connect to various online storage platforms like Google Drive, Slack or iCloud. Even to emails!

rocketbok symbols for digitising

When you’re ready to digitise, simply mark the destination platform at the bottom of each page and use the awesome Rocketbook app to scan the pages. The app will crop and optimise your captures automatically and you start erasing your pages.

(P.S. We’re currently giving one extra erasable pen from the Pilot Frixion Clicker line with each Rocketbook purchase whilst stocks last. Each Rocketbook package already comes with a Frixion pen, but why not have two?!)


Working outside - mobility


A new product in our catalogue is the MagEasy by LHiDS Creative. This product is a modular desk/office essential organiser that comes in two styles - the board and folio. 


MagEasy board

If you work and play at the same desk, the board is the style for you. Store and attach all your essential work items like stationery, notepads, pens, cards and clips on one board that can easily be stowed away into a drawer to make space for play!


MagEasy folio

If you’re more on-the-move, or find yourself working at different locations, the folio would be your choice. Featuring the same magnetic modules, bring your essentials around with you on a board that can be folded like a book! Half the size of the board, the folio can easily be kept in your bag, holding its contents securely within.

MagEasy customisation

Both styles can be personalised to fit your requirements, such as writing pad on the left for left handers and the opposite for righties. Keep some name cards handy for when you might want to give them out at external meetings or even use the modules without the backboards!

Need a bag to keep your mobile office? The Nomatic Navigator Backpack might just do! Designed to be the most functional city navigator backpack, the Nomatic Navigator has a 15L capacity and capability of expanding slightly to 21L.

Nomatic Navigator 15L

That’s a sweet spot for the city dweller - enough to hold all the essentials of daily city life with the flexibility of some extra space.


Nomatic navigator compartments

Okay, the bag isn’t really an “office” item but hey, if you’re alternating between the office and working from home, or if you travel out to cafes or libraries to work, the Navigator is probably the most organised bag you can find out there.

With a space for literally anything, the Nomatic Navigator keeps your items together in one place yet separate enough that they won’t mix up or move into different parts.

So there you have it, an Interstellar Round-up, Office Organisation Edition! Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about the products listed, or anything at all!

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