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March 17, 2021 4 min read

Here’s a quick gathering of the latest instalments in our Interstellar catalogue.

new products: mckinnon x nomatic, peak design and LARQ

Peter McKinnon x Nomatic Camera Gear Cases


McKinnon x Nomatic Camera Accessories


Before, we only had the McKinnon x Nomatic 35L Camera Pack and the super convenient McKinnon x Nomatic Expandable Camera Cube. Not anymore! While we still have those two bags in store, we’ve brought the entire extended family along for the ride! Oh. Did I mention they all fit perfectly in the Camera Pack? Let’s get acquainted.


McKinnon x Nomatic Accessory Case

McKinnon x Nomatic Accessory Case

In short, a customisable, compartmentalised compartment for all your miscellaneous camera gear.

These include things like: battery charger, loose cables, small light panels, mounts, flashes, hoods… those stuff.

Removable dividers allow you to create a snug tetris-fit for all your gear. And for that extra, extra level of protection, the protective EVA molded exterior provides structure and sturdiness for when it’s out of your bag. 


McKinnon x Nomatic Battery Case

McKinnon x Nomatic Battery Case

Store up to 3 spare batteries in 3 separate pockets in this nifty little battery case. Each pocket has a false bottom and is padded on all sides, so you don’t have to worry about the case slipping out of your hands.

Magnetic closure on the flap lasts longer than your typical velcro closures, so you know these are built to last. The guys at Nomatic are also very thoughtful - the battery case comes with indicator decal stickers (with the iconic McKinnon logo of course!). Stick one on the end of each battery and just flip the drained ones upside down so you know at a glance which requires recharging! Neat.


McKinnon x Nomatic Filter Case

McKinnon x Nomatic Lens Filter Case

Some of us have variable lens filters. Some don’t or prefer to have separate ones. Some have multiple variable filters. None of these are a problem!

With the Lens Filter Case, safely stash a maximum of 6 filters of up to 82mm in separate soft elastic mesh pockets. Lens covers fit perfectly too, and of course a microfibre cloth for any fingerprints.

The same protective EVA molded exterior provides a sturdy structure to maintain the integrity of the delicately thin filters.


McKinnon x Nomatic Memory Card Case

McKinnon x Nomatic Memory Card Case

Nomatic has done away with the velcro closure on this one as well, in favour of the cleaner, longer-lasting magnetic closure. You know what they say: that’s tight.

Expect nothing less by now, your cards - up to 6 SD and 2 c-fast cards This small hold-all for your memory needs has even a zipper pocket for your adapters, smaller cards, and who knows maybe even a toothpick?

This is one product that isn’t specific to camera users. Own a switch with many cards? This card case works too. Keep em’ together and keep em’ safe!

LARQ Self-Cleaning Bottles

LARQ Self-Cleaning Bottles

These bottles took Kickstarter by storm and we’re beyond happy to be one of the retailers in Singapore to have them now join our catalogue. Self-cleaning, we say? Yes!

Using the new UV-C LED technology, LARQ bottles are able to eliminate 99.999% of bio-contaminants from your water. Not just that - as the UV-C light is emitted on the inside of the bottle, the inner walls of your LARQ are equally safe! The bottles are insulated as well, so you’ll still have that thermal flask quality as it keeps your liquids hot up to 12 hours and cold up to twice as long.

Say goodbye to odours and drink with ease of mind with the LARQ.

Want to know more about UV-C LED lights? Read here.


Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

Peak Design Everyday Bag Range

Peak Design is a brand well-known and loved by many photography enthusiasts worldwide. I first knew about them from their earlier Kickstarter campaigns on the Leash and Cuff, way back in 2012. Those changed the world of photography straps for people who have multiple kits. Today, they’ve successfully funded 10 campaigns!

We now have the Everyday Tote v2, Everyday Sling v2 and Everyday Hip Belt v2 joining us!


Peak Design Everyday Tote v2

Peak Design Everyday Tote v2

There’s nothing too over-the-top about the Everyday range - the goal is to provide minimalist simplicity for the everyday user, on top of the function and utility that is known to come from Peak Design.

The Everyday Tote v2 comes in 2 colours: Black and Bone (it really does look like fossilised bone!) and is a 15L bag that can be slung, carried or hung. Whether you’re a cross-body bag kinda person, into the hung-off-shoulder chic or just feeling the briefcase hand carry for the day, the Everyday Tote looks brilliant.

Eco-consciousness is the name of the game these days, and the folks at PD don’t compromise. The Everyday bags are made with a 100% recycled 400D weather-proof shell.


Peak Design Everyday Sling v2

Peak Design Everyday Sling v2

Comes in 3 colours (Black/Ash/Midnight) and 2 sizes (6L/10L). The Everyday Sling v2 is the perfect bag for a day out shooting. Just about the lightest bag in PD’s Everyday line, the 6L Sling stores a DSLR or a small drone kit with ease, while the 10L big brother is able to hold a 13” Macbook Pro.

As expected, they don’t relent on weatherproofing, especially when expensive equipment is stored within. V2 bags are updated with weatherproof UltraZips for quick and safe access, and FlexFold dividers for a level of customisability on your bag organisation on top of the 400D recycled shell.


Peak Design Everyday Hip Belt v2

Peak Design Everyday Hip Belt v2

This product is a wonderful quality of life improvement for those of you with the v2 Everyday Backpack. For those of you who don’t, it’s right here. Sadly, they don’t fit the v1 backpacks.


However, the one great use for it is if you have PD’s own Capture camera clip. Otherwise, if you’re a fan of tactical gear setups, clip your Airpods on, or maybe a water bottle with a carabiner clip. Spare lens? That’s the spot too! The Everyday Hip Belt also provides an extra layer of comfort with the wraparound, so your bag feels more snug and doesn’t swing about too much.

And that’s it for the first quarter’s round-up! You’ve all made it through the first checkpoint of 2021. Good job everyone!



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