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August 18, 2021 3 min read

We just want you to know that we’re the real deal here.

Interstellar Goods Singapore is the Official Singapore distributor for DETERMINANT.

You must have heard about DETERMINANT by now. Remember the face masks that the government provided to us back in June/July 2020? That’s the one. If you’ve seen the DET30™ we have in store and wonder where you’ve seen it before, that’s it!

DET30 Plus Navy flatlay

DETERMINANT is a brand with one simple proposition: “exceptional quality, functional technologies, and modern style”. And they’re not just known for their face masks where they’re from (Hong Kong). They’re known for their men’s apparel too!

DETERMINANT shirt banner

Their DET30™ face masks are still wildly popular today, with at least 85% of our orders including at least 1 count of the masks in them. That’s because they're a trusted brand of masks that has helped us get through some of the toughest times last year! Wearing face masks all the time can be very warm and sweaty for many of us not used to it, but the DET30 was engineered to provide protection and breathability. They really are cooler. Also, they come in a suite of 5 deep, sophisticated colours that can go with any outfit. Add style to the mix and you have something appropriate for pretty much any occasion - from more formal situations like work and meetings to casual hikes and days out in the mall. These complement their apparel range wonderfully.

Shirts that work for you

DETERMINANT is determined to manufacture shirts held to the highest standards, at a cost that is justified and affordable. From the fabric manufacturers that bring you known fashion labels the likes of Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger, DETERMINANT’s shirts provide highly comparable quality and feel, with exquisite workmanship at a fraction of the cost - minus the branding, but not the technology and comfort.


Check out the DETERMINANT catalogue here.

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A little more about DETERMINANT

DETERMINANT isn’t just about that looking fly and smart life. They’re also community-driven and environmentally-aware as a brand, and that’s what we really love!

From seed to shirt, at every stage, they chase excellence. Their aim: to create products that respect both the earth and its people. Here’s how.

Sustainable methods throughout the manufacturing process

  1. Innovating a greener supply chain by researching the impacts of every stage of the supply chain and working to improve them
  2. Responsible consumption and production of their products from the material selection process, from ethically-sourced cotton to effective waste management
  3. Extensive research and innovation to continually seek the betterment of their technologies and processes in order to
  4. Engineer products that last, ultimately positively impacting the planet by benefiting the end-consumer (that's us!).

Empowerment and wellbeing for the community to thrive

  1. Heavy investment in training and development for staff members that provide opportunities to improve relevant skillsets to remain relevant
  2. A commitment to wellness - work-life balance and a proactive approach to staff wellness empowers a healthy workforce
  3. Fair compensation for fair work, as is the right thing to do!
  4. And we all know this - they don’t shy away from supporting the community. As a company that was born around the onset of COVID-19, they’ve donated more than 400,000 DET30™ face masks to many communities worldwide.

Read more about DETERMINANT and their goals here.

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