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November 06, 2020 4 min read

Here come the SingapoRediscovers vouchers to bring us some hope for future travel. Better start planning!

A staycation is really just short-distance travelling, isn’t it? So why not take this season to start preparing for the longer travels? Whether you’re going on a cruise to nowhere or know exactly where you’re going to have a staycay at, here are 5 must-have items to bring with you in any travel situation!

TIC shower and skin bottles

1. TIC Shower & Skin Bottle

We’ve written about this before, but it’s really a superb item to bring with you anywhere you’ll need to take a shower at (that’s not in the comfort of your own home, of course!). Especially if you have your own skin and body care routine with specific products you have to use - we know how tedious it can be. Thinking about either forgoing your routine for the duration of the trip or spending an hour trying to repackage your products into smaller containers can be a pain.


The TIC Shower & Skin Bottle is compact, convenient, and carefree. With up to 6 compartments for liquids, you can even bring some extra hand sanitiser or soap. It’s the ultimate all-in-one shower bottle!

Comes in two versions: Skin Bottle with the extra skincare tubs in a lower compartment and Shower Bottle for those who don’t have a specific skincare routine.


MOGICS Power bagel

2. MOGICS Power Bagel

Here’s another item that’s on our favourites list. The MOGICS Power Bagel is no stranger now. This circular power hub is a genius reinvention of the conventional extension cord, and it fits right in your chest pocket (if you’d ever store anything there)!

MOGICS Fits in pocket


Hotel rooms and cabins all have one thing in common: powerpoints that are just ever so slightly out of arm’s reach. Often we have to charge our phones on the table on the other side of the room, or have to share one outlet with multiple devices.

With the MOGICS Power Bagel, you can bring the power closer to you and fire up as many as 7 outlets simultaneously, without losing any power!


Power Packer

3. Side by Side Power Packer

Okay now that you have more potential outlets, does that mean more cables to bring?!

Have no fear

Power Packer by Side by Side Gear

Is right here



Power Packer doraemon


Trust us when we say the Power Packer is the Doraemon pocket we’ve all wished we had in our lives. High-weave elastic bands hold your cables and gadgets firmly in place within. Stretchy nylon weave on the outer enables the pouch to form around bulges like plug heads. And when we can finally travel abroad, the pouch adapts easily to store your passport and boarding passes without having to fold them!

It is the perfect companion for any holiday.


NOCK gym pouch

4. Nock Gym Pouch

Save the environment, replace your single-use plastic bags with the Nock Gym Pouch.

Many of us don’t think too much about this, but we often find, near the end of our trip, that we would need extra plastic bags to separate our dirty clothes in our bags. Especially if we’re on a short staycay and don’t plan to do the laundry.


NOCK specs

The Nock Gym Pouch is a waterproof silicone-like bag that completely seals your dirty - or just wet from swimming - clothes separately from the rest of your bag. It is airtight and anti-odour, so worry not about smells and leakages. And it is also machine-wash friendly, though hand-rinsing would preserve the bag better!


Nomatic Vacuum Bag 2.0

5. Nomatic Vacuum Bag

Looking to pack more but carry less? Nomatic has a convenient solution for you too. Their vacuum bags are made from durable, air and water-tight tarpaulin. If you need a larger bag to store your soiled articles, this is the one for you.

Unique to Nomatic’s vacuum bag is the Folding Seal and Turbo Air Valve, which allows you to get air out as easily as hugging or sitting on the closed bag. On top of that, the bags have high resistance to tearing, high dirt-bearing performance - meaning they function and perform outstandingly even in high-dirt environments, and are  extremely easy to wash!


Nomatic Vacuum bag full
Nomatic vacuum bag compressed

Nomatic’s reputation for producing top-notch bags and equipment for the city and country traveller is well-known, and the Nomatic Vacuum Bag is no exception!


AER Fit Pack 2

BONUS: AER Fit Pack 2

Here’s a bonus for you! If you don’t like to have smaller, movable bags to compartmentalise your luggage or bags, how about a bag that’s already thoughtfully compartmentalised? That’ll save you some time planning and playing tetris with your large pockets!

We have many such bags at Interstellar Goods, but here’s a suggestion for a short staycation: the AER Fit Pack 2. Here are some quick features.

+ Super light: empty bag weighs only 0.88kg for an 18.8L capacity

+ Durability like no other with the military-grade900D Cordura® ballistic nylon

+ Spacious compartments

+ Ventilated shoe pocket

+ Organisation pockets for essentials

+ Quick-access pocket for everyday carry

The AER Fit Pack 2 is great for any staycation, when you might need to bring an extra pair of footwear but don’t want to bring a separate shoebag. Or if you have a book you’d love to read and store together with the rest of your items.

AER Fit Pack 2 shoe compartment


It’s small enough to carry literally anywhere on staycation, while spacious enough to hold the things you need.

So, what are your plans for the SingapoRediscovers vouchers? Plan something special with your loved ones or travel solo to rediscover our Singapore in a different light. Go out, have a good time, and above all, stay safe!

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