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VAGO Travel Vacuum Sealer

SGD 12.90
>> UPDATE (4 AUG 19): M/L sized Vago bags are back in stock.

Save 50% More Luggage Space. Vacuum-shrink your clothes with the extremely compact and portable Vago. Significantly reduce volume (by up to 50%!) with this tiny device.

• Portable charger / mains powered
• Smart sensors automatically stops Vago upon full compression
• Extremely compact and portable

Product Specifications:
Connector: Micro-USB
Dimensions: 7cm x 3.6cm
Weight: 85g

Includes: 1 x M-sized Vacuum Bag (40 x 50 cm)

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Your Day Bag + Weekend Bag

(1) Shrink Your Baggage by 50%

Did you know? Most of our luggage is actually just…air? Remove it, and you have 50% more space.

SHOW: In-Luggage Comparison

(2) Keep Your Dirty Clothes Sealed Off

Keep your used clothing physically separated from your clean clothes. The vacuum environment prevents odor-producing bacteria from cultivating.

(3) USB Powered, Portable Charger Compatible

The Vago works anytime, anywhere. Power the Vago:
– With a portable power bank
– Through the mains socket

Other Features

Other Features

Just like how all portable chargers should be.
Contains lightning & micro-USB flexible cables and a universal USB port.

Lightning cable MFI Certified.
Avoid uneven currents and overcharging issues that come with low quality non-MFI-certified cables.


(A) No Bigger than An Egg

Highly compact and portable, the Vago is only as small as an egg.


(B) Quiet & Fast

The Vago operates with only 50 db of noise. That’s equivalent to the silent hum of your refrigerator. Vacuum packs within 1 minute.


(C) Strong Vacuum Bags

Vago vacuum bags are made of a high-strength polymer and designed to withstand pressure stresses.


Other Features

Other Features


We are an authorised retailer of the Bobby Backpack. All our Bobby Backpacks come with a scratch tag containing a unique code. You can verify the authenticity of your Bobby Backpack online with this code.

We provide a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. We take counterfeiting very seriously as it is a crime in Singapore.

All authorised retailers are required to sell the Bobby at $139. Anyone selling a Bobby Backpack below $139 is not an authorised retailer, and therefore will be selling fakes. This is the surest way to know whether you are purchasing a genuine Bobby Backpack.

A poor quality Bobby knockoff does not protect your valuables, and the last thing you want is for your backpack to break on you on your travels.

We firmly believe in providing our customers quality products. Our Bobby Backpacks are sold at the minimum retail price with ZERO markups. All shipping costs and GST charges are absorbed too.

Head on over to our Facebook reviews to see for yourself!

These reviews cannot be faked (as they are linked to our customer’s Facebook profiles) and cannot be deleted at all. What you see is what you get.

We’re honoured to have their confidence, and hope to gain yours too 👍🏼.

Yes, all Bobby Backpacks come with a 1 year warranty. Also, we have a 21 days no-questions-asked full refund policy in case you decide to change your mind. Return shipping will be paid for by us.

No, it does not. The original Kickstarter backers received a free rain cover and/or padlock, but this was limited to the pre-order stage. This is the same throughout the entire of Singapore.

You would be pleased to note however that the Bobby Backpack is designed to be water resistant, and can take light rain without any problems.

Absolutely. Just drop us a note in the order checkout form, or a text to our company WhatsApp number (9061 6593).

Questions? Call us at 9061 6593.

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