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Next Generation RFID Protection – Turn Any Wallet RFID Safe. The Vaultcard is a thin card-sized device. It creates an active military-grade jamming field to protect against contactless credit card skimming (electronic pickpocketing). Requires no batteries.

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Electronic Pickpocketing in the Modern World

With contactless credit card payments growing in popularity, our personal data is increasingly at risk of interception by fraudsters. The RFID technology that allows them to function is not entirely secure.

Enter the Vaultcard

Credit Card Size RFID Protection – The Vaultcard™ is a credit-card-sized tool, which when placed in a wallet, blocks electromagnetic signals and prevent electronic pickpocketing.

Military Grade Jamming – Its unmatched RFID protection (patent pending) technology harnesses RFID electromagnetic energy emitted by RFID scanners and re-transmits a highly sophisticated military-grade jamming field.

Guaranteed protection against RFID theft (electronic pickpocketing).

How RFID Works

Step 1: During a typical RFID card payment the card reader constantly transmits electromagnetic pulses.

Step 2: When a RFID enabled card is in range of the card reader it receives electromagnetic waves with its antenna and converts them to electric currents.

Step 3: The microprocessor generates a coded message with the payment or identity data.

Step 4: This is then transmitted back to the card reader using the card’s internal antenna.

Why Typical RFID Protection is Ineffective

All of the current products are based on the same principle of shielding the RFID card from electromagnetic waves using metal foils and materials. However this is susceptible to flaws.

Due to the way electromagnetic waves propagate through space, your cards need to be fully wrapped in metal foil with no gaps or spaces to ensure full protection. This is impractical, only protects against low power reading devices, and only at certain angles.

•  VAULTCARD™ is a credit-card-sized tool, which can be placed inside a wallet to block electromagnetic signals and prevent electronic pickpocketing.

Protects Against Long Range Scanners / Brute Force

• Vaultcard’s sensitivity to credit card scanners is 100 times greater than typical contactless credit cards.

•  It absorbs and re-transmits the electromagnetic energy emitted by scanners – flooding them with signals 1000 times more powerful than that of credit cards.

•  Further, its re-transmission output is increase proportionately to the scanner’s power.

•  As a result, VaultCard is super effective even against long range AND brute force skimming devices.

As Thin as a Normal Credit Card

Simply place in your wallet.

All cards within 4cm of either side are now protected.

A Better Way to Carry Your Keys:


50 lbs or 22 kg.  The Qliplet is NOT made to hold a human’s weight, and should not be used for climbing.

Yes, it comes with a full one-year warranty from date of purchase.

The hook part needs to be swiveled to the side to be able to close it. A demonstration is available on this video:

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