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Mighty Toothbrush Holder

SGD 14.90

Sleek All-in-One Bathroom Accessory. Combines a razor rack, jewelry dish & compact shower caddy. Fits all razor types.

Non-Sticky Grip on Any Shiny Surfaces. Removable & waterproof.

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The Perfect Way to Organize Your Bathroom Essentials

  • Toothbrush holder
  • Razor holder
  • Jewelry dish
  • General storage caddy

Free up space around your sink!

Special Silicone Adhesion Technology

Affixes to all glossy and smooth surfaces naturally. No need for adhesives, permanent mounts or suction caps.

• Infinitely reusable. Never loses its grip.

• Pack it for business trips.

100% Waterproof with Drainage Holes

• 100% waterproof, designed for use even in the shower.

• Drainage holes built into the bottom of the each compartment.

• Keeps Mighty Toothbrush Holder dry and prevents mould build-up.

Hygienic & Sanitary

• Made of silicone

• Provides the most hygienic and sanitary environment to store toiletries

A Better Way to Carry Your Keys:


50 lbs or 22 kg.  The Qliplet is NOT made to hold a human’s weight, and should not be used for climbing.

Yes, it comes with a full one-year warranty from date of purchase.

The hook part needs to be swiveled to the side to be able to close it. A demonstration is available on this video:

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