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Clickpack Pro by Korin (Slashproof Version)

SGD 245
The Clickpack Pro is the most comprehensively built anti-theft backpack in the market today. Our customers typically compare the Clickpack Pro with the more well-marketed XD Design Bobby Backpack. Many then choose the Clickpack Pro.

• True Slashproof. Unlike the Bobby, the Clickpack Pro is a true slashproof bag – even the exterior “fabric” cannot be cut. The Clickpack Pro also sports a retractable wire lock. This is useful particularly for train travels where the luggage and seating areas are often separated.

• Rated 4.6/5 on Amazon. The price premium of the Clickpack Pro reflects its high quality make and materials. Don’t believe us? Check out verified Amazon reviews in the “Reviews” tab above.

• Travel with Absolute Peace of Mind. In summary, the Clickpack Pro allows you to properly enjoy your expensive vacation. Walk around the streets and never worry about pickpockets stealing your stuff, or damaging your bag.

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Dimensions: 46cm x 34cm x 16cm (17.3L), 1kg.
Laptop Pocket: 42cm x 28cm x 3cm, fits 15.6″.

Rated 4.6 /5 on Amazon based on 65 reviews. 81% of reviewers gave it 5-stars. Read Amazon Reviews.

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A Customer’s Review

A Customer’s Review


A Premium Anti-Theft Backpack

A Premium Anti-Theft Backpack

Anti-Theft Features

(1) Slash-Proof Material

•  Made of ultra-fine industrial level polyster silk and military level glass fiber.
•  40% stronger than Kevlar in strength-to-weight ratio.
•  2x stronger than carbon fiber. Extreme durability.

*Only for the PRO. Not applicable for BASIC.

Clickpack pro slash proof vid

(2) Extremely Rugged Zippers

•  Double coil chain zippers – puncture resistant and even explosion proof. 
•  Zips are tested 1000 times to ensure long-lasting and smooth seal.

(3) TSA Lock + Retractable Wire Lock

•  TSA compliant lock for zips.
•  Chain-lock Clickpack just like a bicycle.
•  < 50 kg maximum bearing strength.


(4) RFID Blocking Pouch

• Protect your credit cards from contactless credit card skimming.


(5) Hidden Pockets

•  Store cash and transport cards safely.
•  Quick access when needed.


(4) RFID Protective Pouch

• Protect your credit cards from contactless credit card skimming.


(5) Hidden Pockets

•  Store cash and transport cards safely.
•  Quick access when needed.


Compartments & Material

(1) Beautifully Organized Inner Compartments

•  Pack for work or travel with ease.
•  Modular pouches for chargers. Fits 15.6″ laptop.


(2) Double Layer Waterproofing

•  Rain? What rain? The entire Clickpack is made to be water resistant.
•  Rain cover included for even more extreme weatherproofing.


(3) Shock Absorbent

•  Double layer thick velvet protects inner compartments in case of drops.



(1) Weight Distribution Design

•  Wrap-around shoulder strap helps relief weight on shoulders. 
•  Hugs your back, reducing strain and evenly distributing weight.


(2) Breathable Fabric & Back Padding

•  For comfortable all-day carry.



(1) External Charging Port

•  Recharge your electronic devices on the move.


(2) Retractable Bottle / Umbrella Pouch

•  Sleek and functional.
•  Keep pouch out of sight when not in use.


(3) Attach to any rolling suitcase.

•  Perfect for the business traveller.


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