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Better Brella

SGD 39.90

Finally – An Umbrella Designed for Cars.  Get into your car and close your umbrella without getting wet. Featuring a unique reverse closing mechanism, the Better Brella has a quality construction that can withstand winds of up to 55 km/h.

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Designed for Cars

Better Brella’s unique opening mechanism keeps you dry when you enter or exit your car.

Key Features

(1) Traps Water When Closed

The Better Brella closes inside out. All rainwater remains trapped inside, in a waterproof cone, when closed.

(2) Withstands Winds Up To 55 km/h

Double canopy and layered construction withstands winds of up to 55km/h!

(3) 1-Button Open and Close

Fast and convenient mechanism ensures you stay dry.

(4) Extra Large Canopy

A 105 cm extra wide canopy protects you no matter how heavy the rain.

(5) Soft Grip

Soft textured handle with slip-free ribbings contours to your natural grip and is extremely comfortable to hold.

Quality Build

Extra-strong double ribbings tucked in between the canopy layers maintains the Better Brella’s sturdiness.

High-quality locking mechanism locks the canopy in an open position.


50 lbs or 22 kg.  The Qliplet is NOT made to hold a human’s weight, and should not be used for climbing.

Yes, it comes with a full one-year warranty from date of purchase.

The hook part needs to be swiveled to the side to be able to close it. A demonstration is available on this video:

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