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March 14, 2022 4 min read

5 Comparisons Across Carbonated Beverage Machines: Why Drinkmate Is Your Go-To Choice  

Gone are the days we drinkjustplain water. If you need a little fizz to get that mid-day kick in, chugging a glass of carbonated lemon water might just do the trick. (Plus… it’s healthy!) 

While the carbonated beverage machine market is still quite a niche, there are, however, a couple of notable brands worth looking at. If you’ve been thinking of getting one for yourself, this article may help you run down the top 4 considerations before making the purchase. 





Mysoda Woody 

Variety of Beverage 

Only Water

Only Water 

Any type of beverage

Only Water


Using 60L carbon dioxide cylinders; Drinkmate is the only brand with a detachable Fizz infuser 


From SGD$119 

From SGD$290 



Model Types 

2 different models – SodaStream Spirit and SodaStream Genesis 

1 model – Carbonator 3 Stainless Steel (in different materials) 

1 model – Drinkmate  

1 model – Woody   

Design and Material 

BPA free plastic 

BPA free PET-grade plastic 

BPA free PET-grade Plastic 

Eco-friendly, biocomposite plastics 

  • Variety of Sparkled Beverages 

  • Known for its compatibility with many different types of beverages, Drinkmate’s carbonator is the only device that allows users to introduce bubbles intoany drink you like. 

    As compared to other machines from Aarke or SodaStream which only carbonates water, Drinkmate can sparkle any type of drink using its patented fizz infuser. 

    With Drinkmate, we’re not just talking sparkling water and sodas, we’re talking juices, coffees, energy drinks, even wine or cocktails. Time to get creative and be your own bartender at parties!

  • Carbonation  

  • To activate the carbonation process, you’ll just have to ensure that you’ve got your 60L carbon dioxide refill cylinders. This is the same for most brands of carbonated water makers, as all brands use the same type of cylinders, and are interchangeable.

    What sets the Drinkmate apart, however, is the fizz infuser – as mentioned prior. What this adapter does is allow for the release of any excess carbon dioxide to be released after the carbonation process is done, so the fizz doesn’t become an uncontrollable explosion afterward. 


    It explains why the carbonation process for Drinkmate’s bubblies might be safer for every type of drink. While, technically, you might be able to add some bubbles to the drinks using other makers, you’ll find that the gas doesn’t dissolve as easily with it, and might make a huge mess as well. Not to mention void your warranty.

  • Exterior Design 

    When it comes to design-wise, Drinkmate, SodaStream and Aarke all share a similar design – a compact vessel-like structure with a gas outlet at the top, where you can attach and detach your bottles. 

    The closest competitor to Drinkmate in this category would have to be SodaStream - offering a clean, no-frills approach to their exterior. Both products use neither electricity nor batteries, making them easily portable from one place to another. Similarly, they both stand at about 13cm (width) by 41cm (height). 

    From left to right: Mysoda Woody, DrinkMate, SodaStream Genesis, AARKE Carbonator 3 Steel 


    On the flip side, if you’re looking for something on the upper end, Aarke offers a well-designed, heavier, stainless steel body with a drip tray. It comes in classic tones such as brass, copper, sand, and silver steel. However, with the posh-looking design, comes a greater counter space. 

  • Price 

    When it comes down to prices, while the tags on SodaStream, Drinkmate and MySoda Woody may differ largely based on the model you purchase, their base prices are largely similar. 

    SodaStream has 2 different models (Genesis and Spirit – with the latter being pricier), with prices ranging from $119 to $298, depending on the colour of choice. The priciest of this bunch remains Aarke, unsurprisingly, for its sleek looks. Its prices range from $290 to $365. Similar to SodaStream, your choice of colour will affect how much you’ll be forking out.  

    On the other hand, Drinkmate and MySoda Woody only specialises in a sole model. Still, you’ll have the luxury of choice to pick among their variety of colours. Regardless of colour, the price remains standardised. 

  • Eco-friendly 

    Generally, these carbonated drink makers help eliminate single-use plastics as they can last for up to 3 years. This means you can avoid purchasing soda drinks or water from stores and discarding the bottles after. 

    If you’re slightly more conscious about your carbon footprints, The Mysoda Woody is designed with renewable biocomposite material made of natural fibers. As compared to other bottles made of plastic, this means the Woody is biodegradable and eco-friendly. 


    On the other hand, with Drinkmate, you can reuse and reduce even more as they offer a trade-in service. Should you wish to upgrade your old machine to a new one, the brand takes them in for a $20 exchange. (Yes, even if your old machine’s spoilt!) 


    Picking the Right Carbonated Drink Machine 

    Across many reviews, most have raved about the 2 closest competitors: Drinkmate and SodaStream. Given its similarity in design and price points, it is no surprise that the choice between both will cause a dilemma.

    If you ask us, we’d say – nobody ever complains about being spoilt for choice! SodaStream has been in the market for a long time, and its maker does a good job of carbonating water. In fact, all brands make good sparkling water, so it depends on your home needs, and whether you prefer the versatility of carbonating other beverages besides water. 

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