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July 14, 2021 5 min read

Catch us at Funan SG, all the way until the end of the year!


Funan pop-up hero

It’s been a good long while since we last had a physical pop-up to share our products with you guys. We’re extremely excited to be at Funan starting this month, all the way to December 2021! There, you’ll be able to get a firsthand look and feel for some of our favourite products and bestsellers. These include brands that you know of, and a couple of brands that have not - until today - been available for physical viewing!

Organised by our friends at Crane Living, the Funan pop-up aims to recreate a modern boho-chic environment, complete with warm, earthy colours, and wonderful earth-conscious and handcrafted products from the region. There, you’ll find some really interesting products, including some homegrown labels like Ollie essential oils. Organic foodstuffs, woven bags and baskets, kitchenware and other beautifully crafted products are here alongside us as well!

You'll be able to find many amazing gift ideas ranging from housewarming gifts, thoughtful birthday gifts, functional and practical gifts, to lifestyle-oriented gifts.

Located at the Tree of Life mezzanine that extends out from the main shopping corridors along levels 2 and 3 of the mall, the space is perfectly situated to provide visitors with a calming disconnect from the rest of the vibrant tech-savvy stores in the area. When you’re seated along the large wooden steps of the mezzanine, it’s easy to be whisked away into a different mindspace, the sounds of the mall at large melding into static white noise.

Location aside, the mezzanine’s shopping area isn’t actually very big, but there is plenty of space to move around and have a seat. Have a cuppa, if you will, from the various cafes and snack shops around the mall while you just enjoy the change of pace from the urban jungle.

wide seating space at Funan pop-up


Getting to the pop-up

Now, the Tree of Life may not be the easiest place to find in Funan. Even I had a little bit of trouble the first time I went there. So here are some directions! There are 2 ways to get to the pop-up: from Level 2 and Level 3 - because the mezzanine is really on Level 2.5. Personally, I feel that the Level 3 entrance is direct and easy to get to, but I’ll provide some directions for both nonetheless.

From Level 2:

If you’ve entered from the corner closest to Capitol Theatre, you can head directly up to the second floor from the escalator just at the entrance. Look for Love Bonitoand Beyond The Vines - they’re both at one corner of the mall on L2. Turn right and head down the walkway along the shops. Look out for Plain Supplies on your right; it’s a pretty nondescript store that has a beautiful industrial cement grey interior. If you can’t find it, look for Fashmob on your left, then TURN RIGHT just before. You’ll see Plain Supplies. Just walk through and you’ll come to the foot of the large wooden steps that are the beginning of your boho-chic journey.

Are those directions still a little clunky and confusing? Worry not! Here’s a short video that I (very amateurly) shot and cut together on my phone for your reference. I think this should make it easier since there’s something to visualise the route in!

From Level 3:

Directions from L3 are much more straightforward! The entrance to the mezzanine is right outside the Nikon Experience store. So if you’re going from L3, just go around the main walkway of the floor until you find it, and you’ll see the entrance to the Tree of Life. Here’s a clip that we posted on our Instagram Stories!

What to expect

Given the limited space, we’ve had to curate what products we should bring down for the event. Earth-conscious brands like Made by Fressko and memobottle are on display, with their beautiful colours and textures. You’ll find Binos and Caminos with their premium cup sleeves, and Glass Flasks from Made by Fressko. From memobottle, you’ll be able to get A5 and A7 bottles there, with their respective sleeves to go with them!


memobottle and sleeve

You can also expect to see Determinant - their DET30 reusable face masks, complete with all the available colours, DET30 Plus variant and even the kids size masks. Apart from the masks, we've also brought some samples from the Determinant’s apparel line. If you’ve been eyeing the T-shirts, Polos, or the All-Occasion Smart Shirts for some time but are unsure of the sizing and fit, you can head on down and try out the sizes! 

You’ll also find a limited selection of ROAV Foldable Sunglasses there, with some of our more popular tech gadgets, the MOGICS Power Bagel, Kablecard and Rocketbook Fusion in 2 sizes. Try out the Rocketbook and experience the science behind the magic of the endlessly reusable smart notebook!

Oh, and we’ve parked our “Cadillac of razors” at Funan for its display debut! You can find the Supply Single Edge 2.0 on display with the razor stand next to the ROAV sunnies. Cop a feel and see how well-built Supply is!

supply at funan

Lastly, one of our newest products has made it onto the shelves at Funan too - the Photography Deck. With only a few decks remaining, it’s a great opportunity to grab one of them from Funan. We’ve been playing with a deck ourselves and boy do they feel superb in the hands! The tips within are relevant and useful too; we’re sure you’ll have fun with the cards, whether you’re playing bridge with three others over dinner or just trying to up the visuals on your photographs.

the photography deck

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to check out our bag brands at Funan as there just isn’t enough space to put them there. However, our main product showcase is only a 10-minute walk away from Funan, at Just Co. @ Marina Square! You can still make an appointment with us, head on down to Just Co., and we’ll have someone with you personally. This goes for any other product you might want to see that’s not showcased at Funan - not just bags!


Free Gongcha UGC campaign

Have you been to Funan yet? If not, make a trip down this weekend! You'll be able to find some wonderful gift ideas for every occasion at the pop-up, we're sure of it! Oh and don’t forget that our free Gongcha campaign is still ongoing for the whole month of July! Don’t forget to participate and get your fix.

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