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March 14, 2022 3 min read

If you swear by sparkling water, you’d probably be a fan of San Pellegrino or VOSS. For the more financially-savvy ones, perhaps you decided that owning your own carbonated beverage maker allows you to save cost. (And you’re not wrong) 


With SodaStream and DrinkMate being two of the most prominent brands in the market, it boils down to this big question of: So which brand is better? 


The answer really depends on what you are looking for, and of course… which greater cost-savings you can make with this long-term purchase. Getting its main features out of the way, Sodastream primarily carbonates water while DrinkMate is suitable for any sparkling beverage (even your wines and kombuchas!) With that said, now let’s look at their price comparisons… 


  • DrinkMate VS SodaStream 

    An overview at the price tags: 




    Spare C02 Cylinder (60L) 



    1-for-1 Exchange C02 Cylinder (60L) 




    How long does each 60L cylinder last for? 


    Typically, a 60L cylinder can will last you about 8 weeks - if you need a bottle of sparkly on the daily. If you’re someone who drinks sparklies a little more (or are all about hosting parties), then we reckon each cylinder will last about 4 weeks. 


    Depending on your usage, you will find that the average refills per year chalks up to 12 to 24 bottles. 


    So DrinkMate or Sodastream? It’s time to do some math… 


    Assuming you aren’t going overboard with the bubblies and have them once a day, and host occasional dinner parties to impress your friends with this cool machine… Let’s take the average to be 18 cans per year. 




    Total Price 

    Spare C02 Cylinder (60L) 


    1-for-1 Exchange C02 Cylinder (60L) 








    Total Price 

    Spare C02 Cylinder (60L) 


    1-for-1 Exchange C02 Cylinder (60L) 





    Difference in savings: a whopping$173.15 per year. 


    Wondering what these savings can get you? 


    $173.15 may not seem much per year, but ever wondered what that amount can buy for you? Shortly put – a pretty fair trade for some happiness. 


  • A One-Night Stay at Lloyd’s Inn (Standard to Reading Room; $160 to $180 for non-peak)  
  • You know you need that getaway. 

    Credit: Lloyd’s Inn 


  • Scoot Round-Trip Air Tickets to Bali (Est. $170-$200) 
  • Imagine sipping on all-day cocktails and living out your beach dreams… all because you decided to make a little switch in your choice of brand. 

    Credit: MyLittleAdventure 


  • A Set of DrinkMate Sparkling Water & Soda Maker and C02 Cylinder ($154.95) 
  • Best housewarming gift award. ‘Nuff said! 

    Credit: DrinkMate 


  • 8 More Cans of C02 Cylinder Refills from DrinkMate ($159.60)
  • …and that’s about 64 weeks’ worth of gas! 448 more bottles of sparkling juices for you to start your day right. 

    Credit: DrinkMate 

    • 17 Packs of COVID-19 Ag Home Test Kits ($9.80 for 2 kits)

    That’s almost 9 months worth of COVID ART tests, if you do them weekly! All for the peace of mind (…and possibly, to get you cleared for Bali).  

    Credit: Guardian SG

    The best part? DrinkMate and SodaStream’s machines are mutually compatible with each other’s cylinders. So that means… if you’re intending to make a switch to DrinkMate, logistically, it ain’t gonna be hard! 


    Afterall, nobody says no to savings – a little goes a long way. 


  • DrinkMate VS Supermarket Alternatives  

    Supermarket receipts are definitely one of those expenses which silently creep up on you! And you surely don’t want to be a victim of that. 


    Say you stock up your refrigerator with soda water monthly, let’s take a look at how much money you can save just by using DrinkMate instead of supermarket brands. 



    Price per 24’s 

    Expenses on soda water per year 

    Equivalence of number of DrinkMate refills 

    Schweppes Soda Water 




    F&N Soda Club Water 




    Singha Soda Water 




    San Pellegrino Natural Sparkling Water 




    VOSS Sparkling Water  





    The numbers just keep increasing, should you choose to opt for more premium brands. 


    With DrinkMate, not only do you get to reuse the bottle and reduce your carbon footprints, there’s nothing more premium than having your zesty bubbles freshly carbonated – on-the-spot, whenever in demand.  




    When we talk about the cost-efficiency of DrinkMate – not only does it carbonate any type of drink (makes it an all-in-one package to begin with!), it also provides a cheaper alternative to SodaStream refills, and is definitely much cheaper than theboujeesparkling waters you might currently be getting off the shelves. 


    DrinkMate? Your companion for fresh bubbles, for zest, and for savings. 

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