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Looking for an anti-theft backpack? Great choice. Nothing is more annoying that walking around a foreign city and having to check your belongings every 10 seconds. Today, we'll be doing a deep-dive into the Clickpack Pro, a 17L anti-theft backpack that has inspired rave reviews worldwide.


This review is a culmination of customer feedback and countless hours digging through YouTube review videos and comments (we paid particular attention to actual real life feel and use). It is however meant only as a starting point for you to do your own research. You'll be pleased to note that we carry a 21-day no-questions-asked free return policy. And so we're incentivized to be as honest as possible (all returned goods are given to our employees)! PS: Before we begin, if you'll like to know more about the XD Design Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack vs the Korin Clickpack Pro, please drop us a text or email.


The first thing to understand is that the Clickpack comes in the Pro and Basic variants. Many people get confused about this. The Pro is slashproof, while the Basic is not. Other than the slightly different front-panel material and USB wire material, everything else is basically the same.



The Clickpack Pro (not Basic) is designed to be an advanced version of typical anti-theft backpacks. Its exterior is made up of a grey front panel that feel like some sort of a flexible ceramic fabric, and a black leathery fabric with a sturdy flex that is slightly thicker than normal. The Clickpack Pro is entirely and truly slashproof (both the font grey and the black portions). This is unlike earlier anti-theft designs such as XD Design Bobby, whose outer fabric can be cut through but relies on an inner protective board for its “slashproof” protection. Incredibly, YouTube reviewers have demonstrated that running a knife / scissors over the Clickpack Pro often leaves no marks (with heavy force, a faint scratch at most).  These top-notch rugged materials are essentially what you are paying a premium for, and well worth it. The entire Clickpack is highly water resistant, but for added assurance, a raincover is also provided. PS: The Basic’s front panel material is slightly different. It is made of a soft mesh fabric that is notslashproof. 

Retractable Wire Lock

A unique security feature found in no other backpack is the retractable metal wire lock. This allows you to chain lock your backpack while you are intensely focused on work, or in case you’re on a train with separate luggage and seating compartments. The wire lock is sheathed in an elastic material and coiled – giving it a nice and quick spring when extending or contracting (like a giant rubber band). When not in use, it is tucked into a small invisible pocket on one of the sides, completely out of sight.


Zippers are an often-overlooked part of a backpack’s experience. The Clickpack uses a really strong double-tracked zipper instead of the usual single tracked ones. Its teeth are finely spaced, giving the zipper an extremely smooth glide. This thoughtful addition elevates the simple experience of zipping and unzipping one’s bag.

Hidden Back Pocket

There is a hidden pocket pressed against your back for you to store your valuables / passport in. It is almost full width, with a flush zipper that blends invisibly into the padding.


The Clickpack’s stitches are very fine, straight and uniform. Importantly, they are thick, seemingly as a result of multiple passes over the exact same area. This is a hallmark of quality workmanship usually only seen in branded backpacks and guarantees that it will last for years to come.

TSA Lock

The TSA lock at the top is very solidly made and the zips snap in with an audible and satisfyingly click. A nice touch is that the zips spring from the lock when released, avoiding those annoying situations where you have to pry them out from half-release.

Other Unique Features:

Here are some of the great but less important extra features of the Clickpack:

Detachable key holder – Housed in a small zipped pocket hidden in the front. Its placement means that people can swing their bags in front on one strap for easy and quick access to their keys, which detaches from the mechanism in a single push. 

USB charger – A popular feature many backpacks have nowadays is an exterior USB charging port which is linked to another USB port inside the bag. This allows for pass-through charging of your smartphone on-the-go. 

Side flaps – There are slide flaps extending past the back that allow the bag to stand upright by itself.  This is super useful when you need to quickly grab things out of its main compartment. 

Reflective strips – The Clickpack Pro has 4 reflective strips on the font edges of the bag. This is a useful safety feature for cyclists and particularly motorcycle riders.


Laptop & Tablet / Notebook Compartment

The Clickpack opens into 2 halves, fully flat thanks to full perimeter zippers. One half houses the tech pockets – well-padded compartments for each of the following – a 15.6” laptop, a 10” tablet and a portable charger (they can double as document / notebook pockets). The other half is the main compartment.

Organisation & Space

The main compartment consists of an empty space containing

(1) two modular pouches (we include for free)

(2) elastic mesh pockets, and

(3) a zipper pocket / pouch combination (holds the raincover by default)

Unlike the Bobby, Korin embraces a modular philosophy and does not presume to make the pouches built-in. These pouches are great to keep your electronics and wires but you can remove them to free up space if you want to.

Another thoughtful thing – the pouches stick to the bag walls using a very fine, smooth-texture Velcro. This prevents everything from “bunching” at the bottom of the backpack. The elastic mesh pockets are a nice touch for storing stuff like your wireless mouse, namecards etc. They help utilize the inside space efficiently, and keep your items neat and easily reachable. 

Size wise, it is not too big or fat as one might expect with a 17L backpack (this was the feedback of YouTube reviewers and our own customers – not merely our own opinion). Korin has really done a great job melding size and aesthetics. 

PS: That being said, one needs to have realistic expectation of how much a 17L bag can hold. If you’re thinking of squeezing your shoes and gym stuff in it – you might need more than 17L.

Quality Internal Fabrics

The Clickpack's focus on quality materials does not stop on the outside. Internally, the USB cable is braided, instead of merely having a standard plastic sheath (only for the Pro). 

The laptop compartment is lined with a soft, luxurious fleece that you’ll normally only find in high end laptop sleeves. These are very thoughtful design touch points that make the Clickpack such a pleasure to use.


The Clickpack comes with the same weight-reducing ergonomic design as the XD Design Bobby Backpack series, which claims to reduce back strain by up to 30%. 

Its straps are very well padded for maximum comfort. One YouTube reviewer packed 6kg of items into the Clickpack, and was so surprised by how light it felt that he gave it a rare 5/5 rating for weight.

When empty, the Clickpack weights only 1kg. The Clickpack's back padding is also velvety soft and fine. We appreciate that the typical cheap mesh backing (that feels like sandpaper when rubbed against your back) was not used.


Overall, the Clickpack Basic is a decent option for an everyday carry, and the Clickpack Pro is clearly a better slashproof anti-theft backpack compared to the Bobby.

Pricing may be an issue to some, but really, you pay for what you get. And for its well-made quality, the Clickpack is actually pretty well priced. 

Don’t just take our word for it – use this review piece as a starting point for your own research!


To end off, if you think the Clickpack Pro is for you, please head over to this link to buy with us (we accept cash on delivery).

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